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3 Ways to Get Rid Of Ants in Home Naturally

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Ants in the house can be a great bother especially if you do not know how they got there and how to get rid of them. Normally people opt to get insecticides from a local store and use them as a deterrent. Even though this may work for most of the part, it may be a costly endeavor. The best option would be going for natural remedies. This involves using items you would find in your home and combining them to come up with a perfect solution. So how would you go about this? There are some essential oils that can be used to effectively rid your home or building of ants.

Orange or lemon essential oil
Citrus oils such as orange or lemon oil contain d-limonene which is toxic to all ants. Additionally, it masks their scent trails making it hard for them to come back to your house. This is one of the best ways to get rid of ants in home naturally. If you have lemons in your home, make lemon juice using minimal water, lemons and no sugar. It is a great alternative to lemon or orange oil.

All you need is to place several drops of the oil on a cotton ball. Wipe entry points such as baseboards using the cotton ball. To ensure the remedy works, you can leave lemon or orange oil infused cotton balls in areas that ants frequent such as cabinets. Repeat the process every three days until you are sure the ants have left your home.

Tea tree oil
Another great option of the ways to get rid of ants in home naturally is tea tree oil. It not only works by deterring ants and other insects, but also as a home-made disinfectant for cleaning almost any surface. Place some drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and wipe on any areas the ants have infested. If you know the ant’s entry points, wipe them using this cotton ball. The process should be repeated every other day for at least a week. You will notice a reduction of ants within a few days. In a week’s time you should have got rid of the ants.

Peppermint oil
Apart from working on ants, the other advantage of using peppermint oil is giving your house an aroma as you would get from using an air freshener. It has the health benefit of supporting mental clarity and alertness. Peppermint oil is used the same way you would citrus oils and tea tree oil.

All these are great ways to get rid of ants in home naturally. You can find all or one of these oils in a grocery store near you. You do not need to buy large quantities. The minimum amount you may need is 100ml depending on the size of your home and the level of ant infestation. Unlike pesticides made by pharmaceutical companies, these oils do not affect your health negatively. They are recommended especially in households with infants or people with allergies. Lastly, they are very environmental friendly as they do not have any chemicals.