Momos: A favorite fast food in Nepal

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Momos (original Mog Mog)   is a typical south Asian dumping similar to Chinese Baozi & jiaozi. Native to Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim and Tibet, this tiny little pick one is favorite to many. Momos is believed to be originated from Tibet and then picked up by its neighbors adding something or the other to make the dish look original. It is a dish which is prepared when there is a big function in the family. All the members of the family join in, in making the momos. The elders are given more of the quantity as momos are spicy and the children are given less of the same. 

Momos is simply a preparation like a bun to which a typical filling is added and then this bun is steamed. It is one of the favourite fast food in Nepal. Slowly it is spreading to other countries and gaining its popularity. 

Momos has the same base for bun but there are many fillings by which it is classified in general. The other layer is made by making soft dough using water and white flour. Sometimes baking soda or yeast is added to give the dough texture. Small portion dough is rolled in circles on a flat stone and then the filling is added to this. The circles are then closed using water as gum in a shape of half moon giving small designs at the edges. The same is then steamed and served hot with spicy sauces. 

The original momos where prepared with fillings of meat (goat meat, chicken, pork, buffalo meat, etc.) but now it has got a wide range of fillings which can be named as below

              Vegetables: A finely chopped cabbage, onions and potatoes are used as fillings in many parts of India. 
              Cheese: Fresh cheese is normally used as one of the favourite fillings in Nepal and India for momos and sold in good quantity. 
              Paneer: Along with cheese, paneer is also a favourite filling for momos again which is widely in demand. 
              Mashed Potatoes: Momos with fillings of mashed potatoes is also pretty famous in the region of Khatmandu.
              Khoa: Khoa is prepared by mixing milk solids and sugar which is one of the favourite sweet dish in Khatmandu. Although uncommon for the rest of the world, Momos made with khoa filling is quite popular here.
              Mixture: Many go for a mixture of any two fillings from the above and prepare the momos according to their own taste.

The best part about this dish is that it is the perfect dinner for the ones who are health conscious or are on a strict diet as momos is fabulously delicious with the fiery red sauce. One vegetable momos contains about 40 calories. One plate momos is basically around 6 to 8 pieces so the dinner would be for around 300 calories which is absolutely perfect. Further for one momos, total fat is around 2 Grams, Potassium around 40 Grams, Sodium around 50 Grams and total carbs is around 6 Grams. The chilli and capsicum which is used while preparing the sauce helps to boast the metabolism and hence people consider having momos during night. The only thing to ensure is that oil used during the preparation is not too much. Along with the same one should also switch from white flour to whole wheat flour which would give more fiber and would be easier to digest. 

So whenever one gets an opportunity to taste this dish, they should definitely go for the same and they would hog back for more of this pretty little dumplings.