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The Pros and Cons of using coir rugs and carpets

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Opting for eco friendly rugs and carpets has become the trend in recent years, mainly because people are waking up to the hazards which synthetic fibres cause not only for the environment but also for the members of their own family in general. Natural fibre carpet options like jute, coir, sisal and sea grass have become popular in recent years.

Coir is a fibre which is obtained from the husk of a coconut which is basically a tropical product. However, they are increasingly making inroads in the flooring industry owing to their incredible durability and long lasting characteristics. The colour of coir rugs vary from one rug to another and would keep on changing depending upon the climatic condition of the area.  Coir carpets are not meant to be used in lounge areas.

Advantages of using Floorspace coir carpets
  • Coir is a natural fibre carpet which is extremely durable, strong and is often used for manufacturing door mats. This means choir absolutely suitable for traffic areas in commercial or domestic areas where other natural fibre carpets may not last long.
  • Unlike other natural fibres, coir is extremely water resistance which makes it an excellent fabric for manufacturing door mats.
  • Coir is known to have excellent noise insulation properties
  • Coir is a natural insect repellent due to the natural bug repellent properties present in coconut oil
  • Coir is extremely low maintenance and only requires occasional vacuuming.
  • The fabric is 100% biodegradable.
  • Each and every Coir mat and carpet is primarily produced by hand which gives livelihood to a lot of people and also eliminates the destructive environmental costs associated with mass manufacturing of synthetic carpets.
Disadvantages of Using Coir Rugs
  • The industry of our carpets is still in a very nascent stage so unfortunately it is very difficult to come across coir carpet or rugs easily
  • When exposed to direct sunlight over a period of time coir tends to fade and get discoloured after a period of continuous usage.
  • Coir has a hard, and briskly texture which means that it is not very comfortable on the bare feet and is not at all comfortable to sit on. It is more suited for areas which witness a lot of traffic and walking around.
Floorspace.com.au is one of the leading suppliers of coir rugs and other types of natural fibre rugs and carpets in Australia.  All rugs and carpets ordered from Floorspace can be customised on the basis of the colour, shape and size of the material. Apart from having a wide range of different coir carpets and rugs for customers to choose from, Floorspace.com.au always believes in providing on schedule delivery to all their clients without any delays.

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