5 Fashion Accessories that can change your fashion game in no time

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Being a woman can be hard at times, when you wake up every day and can’t find a single piece of clothing to wear. It’s like going through déjà vu again and again. The fashion industry literally tempts us, by luring into buying new trends and launching a different collection every day. Sometimes I feel we females were born with an inbuilt curiosity to explore the fashion world. We want to look the best versions of our self at every given time. This usually ends up creating some of our shopping shenanigans. There are always two sections in their wardrobe’s Dresses for Women, one is that they wear, and the other is the one which still lying in the shopping bag since past 3 years. Just like clothes, females also have an inseparable relationship with accessories.

Women have been fascinated with accessories since their birth; you will see even one year olds trying out their mother’s jewelry. These accessories add a personal touch of your personality, reflecting your soul. They are designed to go with different outfits be it Dresses for Women or a casual pair of jeans. Fashion trends are continuously changing; however some aspects of it always remain the same. Here is a list of 5 important things that can change your fashion game.

1. Shoes
Shoes can be the most important accessory of your entire look, which can make or kill your fashion statement. Shoes are often considered as the first thing a person notices while meeting a stranger. And who want to make a bad first impression? A shoe fetish can never be boring for a girl, given the wide variety of styles and different lengths of heels. Females are blessed with multiple types of shoes to choose from; platform to wedges, or sneakers to sports shoes. We can choose a different type for all our looks. We have options to go comfy with sneakers or flats, or to go glamorous by making a bold statement with stilettos. And the best part about them is that you can wear stilettos with everything be it Dresses for Women or a shirt or even an Indian attire. Our love for clothes is nothing in front of what we feel for our Christian Louboutin. We have forced the companies to add prints on plain boring sketchers and converses. Experiment a little if you are a sneaker girl, than try on some heels and vice-versa.

2. Gorgeous Jewelry
We females are usually fascinated by the glittery, shiny accessories. Jewelry can shift the focus to your certain body part. You can use this as advantage and highlight your best features. For example, chokers are currently pretty in; you can use them to flaunt the thin and long shape of your neck. Earrings are known for drawing attention to your face. Unique jewelry pieces are often complimented and loved more than the shiny one. Donning jewelry can get a little confusing; however just remember our advice, less it more. Avoid wearing heavy earrings and neckpiece together, as it draws all the attention towards the jewelry, stealing away the motto which was for you to look good. Our best friend Diamond; goes with everything, from Dresses for Women to a formal shirt. 

3. Bags
We all have them, we all carry them and we cannot live without them. You will find varied items in a girl’s bag, ranging from wet wipes, to perfumes, to band aids. Apart from its usage, bags add a fashion statement to your whole look. There are unsaid rules as to how you cannot carry a huge handbag while wearing a mini dress. Bags are a crucial part of our life, which cannot beeliminated. All we do is, get perfect at the art of matching our bags with our outfits. Clutches and small slings are a good choice to carry with Dresses for Women, which can also be teamed with jeans. Choose your bag according to the place you will be visiting and the look you will be carrying.

4. Eye Wear
Summer is just about to barge in with its full strength and you should not let your eyes get affected by the sun light. Ensure to try the glasses before purchase. Make sure that your face fits in perfectly; the color of lens doesn’t make the skin look dull. Avoid wearing reflectors this season as they are dead for the fashion industry now. You can try vibrant, colorful shades like red, blue, pink if you have a fair skin tone. Black, brown, grey colored glass usually looks good on duskier skin tones. Contrasting color combination looks good with Dresses for Women. You can wear them with every outfit, be it your pajamas or your summer dresses. Force people to remove their shades to look at your with your stunning style.

5. Watches
Add a sense of timeless beauty on your wrist by decorating it with a beautiful watch. These classics are hardly used today, thanks to our cell phone, which has almost removed them from the existence. You can carry them with all kinds of clothing be it Dresses for Women or a casual attire. They will add class and style to your look. It has become kind of rare for anyone to wear a watch. This only brings more attention to you. You can also use it as a conversation starter, breaking the ice,initiating a debate about how people should bring these timeless devices back in style.

Given the fascination of women towards fashion, it doesn’t require science to prove their love for accessories. They just add more finesse and finish to their look, which some time looks incomplete with them. Be it Dresses for Women of wedding clothes, the outfit won’t look complete without any accessories, you will have to add one of the things mentioned in the list. Get more involved with the ongoing trends, and choose to follow fashion that suits you and your skin color, body type and comfort.