Inhale Some Thrill through Trekking Adventures

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Banglore is undoubtedly one of the most buzzing cities in India. You can find a huge lot of students, youngsters and other professionals in this city. The city has plenty of things to do and the best part is that nobody can feel bored in this eventful city.

You can even experience Trekking in Bangalore if you want. After all, trekking is not a big deal as long as you have plenty of trekking spots around this city. Whether you want to carry out your trekking trip with your friends or in the guidance of professionals; in both the cases, trekking endeavours are going to suffice your adventurous thirst.

Are you up for Tadiandamol Trek and Night Camping?

The duration of this thrilling and fun filled event is going to be from Friday 22nd September 2017 8:00PM to Sunday 24th September 2017 10:00PM.  The exciting event is getting organized by Nature Walkers.  Talking about Tadiandamol, it is one of the most gorgeous, virgin peaks in Karnataka. The spot is elevated to nearly 1748 m and popular as the highest peak in coorg district.  The trek caters adventurers a chance to explore the lavish vegetation, stunning butterflies flitting from plants to plants and rare mountain birds.

Here a panoramic site from peaks is a treat for hikers. The trial takes the travellers through the wide spread expanse of Shola forest.  This is no less than   a day trek that makes it even more achievable for lay men. This trek is crammed with outstanding views and picturesque sites for everyone.

Kabbal durga trek

Kabbal durga night trek has always enjoyed a great footfall. This spot is one of the most popular destinations amidst short trekking places near Bangalore. This is just one day trek. Not just for days but folks also love to visit thisplace for the night trek as well. The trek distance at this place is two to three kilometres.  And the interesting part is that the level is quite easy to medium. The place is just at a distance of 80 kilometres from Bangalore. So, when are you going to pack your bag for this short yet thrilling trek trip?

Things you can do here:

If you also enjoy sightseeing and exploring new natural vistas then you can experience the following things too:

-           There is aneminent temple of Kabbalamma at top. You can experience the beautiful environs sitting at the top. While you sit there, don’t forget to capture beautiful pictures of refreshing sites.  The enchanting views of steep monolithic rocks, abandoned rock house and old water pool will also enrich your trip.

-          If you are considering when you should go for this specific trek then then you must pick Day trek. It can easily be carried out during any time of year however steep rocks may turn out to be slippery if performed during the time of night.


Thus, there are many different trekking spots near Banglore. If you yearn for adventure and trekking, you must go for them. Just enrol yourself in a trekking trip or you can yourself plan out a trip with friends.