An introduction to walking netball

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Walking football has been gathering momentum in the past few years and has grown sufficiently to have proper leagues and a walking football cup. Other sports are now following suit, with walking netball set up to meet this growing demand for walking sports. Many people played the sport at school and their love for the game does not leave them; however, their body’s ability to keep up with the fast pace of the game can let them down.
Bring on walking netball, which is the same game but at walking pace. This means anyone can play, regardless of their age or fitness level. If you have picked up an injury or find it hard to run about like you used to, this walking version is the way forward.

Step in the right direction

The sport is primarily aimed at over-50s who want to keep active while enjoying socialising. Many towns have clubs with coaches supplied by English Netball running the sessions. It follows the same format as the original version of netball, with a warm-up routine, mini-games and drills in addition to a full-court game.

No running required

No running or jumping is allowed, but you can have an extra step between moves and a full four seconds between throws as opposed to three in the regular game. Apart from this, the game is very familiar to that played at school. For ideas about netball drills to help practise for games, check out resources such as

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Fun way to get fit

Walking netball is appealing to women across the country due to the camaraderie and the fun during the training sessions and the health benefits of getting regular exercise. It can be a welcome outlet for women who feel isolated, as they become part of a team with a common interest. It can be played for fun or competitively.

With walking netball, you can start gently and build up gradually so that you become stronger, more flexible and have more energy. Taking regular exercise is so good for everyone on so many levels. The British Heart Foundation advises regular physical activity to reduce the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s UK says exercise is beneficial for physical and mental health, and Cancer Research UK says it can reduce the risk of illness.

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