When Should You Call A Lawyer After An Auto Accident?

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No one wants to be involved in an auto accident, but if you are involved in one, it’s important that you know what to do and who to turn to for help.

For instance, knowing when to call a lawyer after an auto accident is crucial to help you with your situation. The effects of an auto accident are often life-changing, which requires the legal expertise of a lawyer to make sure that you are well compensated.

Why You Need a Lawyer?

Most auto accidents often don’t include seeking the help of a lawyer because most people would deem it unnecessary and an expensive decision, especially if the accident is just minor. So, how do you know if your situation warrants an attorney?

You should get the help of a lawyer if any or all of the following apply to your current situation:
  1. The accident caused serious injuries to you and others involved in the crash.
  2. If the crash involved pedestrians or multiple vehicles.
  3. The collision resulted in multiple damages to property.
  4. You have insurance issues.
  5. You’re not exactly sure who’s at fault for the accident.
  6. Your insurance company is non-compliant.
You will need a lawyer to help you with your situation, especially if someone has injured you in the auto accident. It is your right to seek compensation for the accident, and you will need a lawyer to help you uphold your rights and make sure that you are paid properly.

When to Call a Lawyer?

It’s critical that you call a lawyer as soon as possible after an auto accident. Here are a couple of reasons why you must contact an attorney immediately.
  1. The driver at-fault will likely notify his insurance provider immediately who will then try to contact you and discuss what happened.
  2. You should never talk with the other party’s insurance provider without talking to your lawyer first. Keep in mind that these insurance companies are not actually trying to help you but to save themselves from trouble.
  3. The other party’s insurance company is not concerned with how much medical expenses you may have incurred or how many days you’ll be out of work because of the injuries. The only reason why these insurance companies are talking to you because they want you to agree on a low settlement offer.
  4. If you called a lawyer first, your attorney would be the one to deal with these insurance companies on your behalf so you can get a much better settlement offer.
  1. There is a statute of limitations for claims involving auto accidents.
Claims involving auto accidents must be made within your state’s statute of limitations. Once you fail to make a claim within the statute of limitations, your right to sue the at-fault party will be lost forever, which means you’ll never receive compensation for your injuries.
  1. Time can pass quickly, especially if you are still recovering from a serious injury caused by the auto accident. This can make you miss your state’s statute of limitations for auto accidents.
  2. But if you contact a lawyer immediately, he will begin the process of making a formal claim on your behalf while you are still recovering. The sooner you call a lawyer, the sooner your case will be resolved and receive compensation to continue your treatment and recovery.
Finding a lawyer to help you deal with an auto accident is easy. Most of these legal professionals often provide a free initial consultation to give you an insight into your situation and help you learn about the legal options available. If you're not certain you need a lawyer for your situation or if you have more questions about auto accidents, just click here.

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