Free Software: See What's Happening in Your PC

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Fresh Diagnose is used to diagnose PC hardware and test it. EaseUS Data Recovery helps recover lost or erased data. Additionally, you can consider external hard drive data recovery services.

Fresh Diagnose

To make sure you're doing as much as possible for a seamless PC feature, it's good to check the hardware as it is. This means checking the hard drive's performance, state and performance, RAM, etc., in short, to check the performance of the components from which the computer is folded.

You do not have to worry about having to disassemble the PC or download dozens of applications, each of which would test another piece of hardware. You will have one. For example, Fresh Diagnose can be used. It serves not only to diagnose hardware, software and peripherals, but also to test and submit information as they do compared to similar components on other computers. Fresh Diagnose reliably determines the type of motherboard, processor, memory, graphics card, printer, and other devices. Additionally, it shows the current usage of the operating memory or laptop battery status. Component testing is only possible after a free product registration on its manufacturer's website.

EaseUS Data Recovery

If you accidentally delete a file from the hard drive and you have the program (already installed), then you will have a great chance to restore the data without any problems.

This act promises to recover the files you deleted, even if you have popped the Trash in Windows, lost it after formatting the HDD, or deleting the partition. You will only be able to click on it three times. With the integrated wizard, data recovery is a matter of time - what you will recover, what types of files and what kind of disk. Then you mark those to be restored, and then the program will take care of their "resurrection". With image and text files, you can view your data, making it easier to see if it's really the ones you want to recover.

To restore the data safely and not to overwrite the others for a possible restore, you must always restore the restored files to a different disk than the one they are restored to. Data recovers from disks formatted as FAT, NTFS, and Ext, including those external and memory cards. The free version available will only restore 1GB of data.

If your media has damaged physically, then, you should consider computer data recovery service.

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