Bobsled - A Major Winter Sport Is A Bag Full Of Opportunities

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Olympics, is the world’s most popular and foremost sports championship, truly inspired by the ancient Greek games. The year 1894 saw the formation of International Olympic Committee, which even today governs the Olympic Movement. The previous and the present century people are witnessed to the growing popularity of many new and exciting sports. Almost every person on this planet is aware of the sport activities like running, cycling, swimming, badminton, table tennis and long tennis and others. So are the champions in this field an inspiration to many aspiring sport candidates. 

How is it that some games are still unknown to innumerable people, but were a part of Olympics since the very beginning? One such game is Bobsleigh, which has been an important sport in the Winter Olympics, since 1924. The game presents teams of two or four, who are to drive a designed sled down the ice track. The winning team is the one who completes the route in the shortest time. 

·         Its features are enough to understand it being a winter sport. Initially, it was a sport for a team of four, later in 1932 team of two also started. Whereas, in 2002 started bobsled competition for women, team of two. The team includes a driver, whose part is to direct the sled with the help of ropes. One is in the right hand, which drives the sled towards the right and the other in left hand, which helps driver to turn the sled towards the left. The last member is responsible to use breaks, in order to stop the sled.

·     This game has given many champions to the world. Germany being the winner of ten medals in this game has been a great competitor for others. John Kasper Bobsled, a champion of 1998 Winter Olympics, represented bobsled team of USA. His record shows sixteen world cup and world championship medals, making his country proud. He has been an inspiration and guide to many teams, preparing them for the game on international level. 

·     John Kasper Bobsled being a champion knows that the game is not as easy as it might seem to the audiences. The team should be in possession of vigor and strength to drive the sled through slender, twisted ice tracks. This power is necessary to push the sled of 500 pounds with force, such as it takes up the speed of at least 90 miles per hour.  

·       The physique of the athlete is very important here. This sport demands an athlete with a lean body. Huge upper body would work against the game, decreasing the speed of the sled. Hence, this game allows more slender and short candidates. Their physical fitness routine focuses mostly on upper body workout sessions.
Sports like these helps to develop a determined athletes’ career. These games are the opportunity to prove the player’s talent and stamina. They receive inspiration from others before them and become and idol for many to come. Games like bobsled need more participants and audience to gain more popularity it rightly deserves.

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  1. Yes, These games are the opportunity to prove the player’s talent and stamina. I am thankful Jhon for sharing useful insight.
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