Things to Know about Timber Marketing

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If you have a flourishing woodlot, then you may sell the timbers harvested from the woodland.  As per the timber quality, you can boost your earning manifold. As a woodland owner, you have to take decision on the future of the woodlot. Timber marketing Nova Scotia is a serious matter that requires lots of preparation for perfect execution and great profit. Here, you will find some knowledge on the basics of timber marketing.

Hire a Professional Forest Management Service

Selling timber can be a great opportunity for woodlot owners to earn really big. The process of selling the timbers is simultaneously very frustrating and strenuous too. To make profit from selling the timbers, it is highly recommended to hire a professional timber marketing consultant. Timber marketing consultants knows this business from core and their knowledge will surely help you gain more and more through the way of timber selling. A professional forest management team also takes care of the legal aspects of such deals.

Adhere to a Forest Management Plan

If you earn more from your forest treasure, then the woodlot has to be properly managed. A professionally managed forest enhances net profit value and suffers minimum from harsh environmental impacts. Proper management plan improves the timber quality measurably which helps you to sell them off quickly and to earn huge from the market.

Enter a Legal Contract

While selling your timbers, you must make a legal contract with the buyer or logger to reduce the chance of legal disputes that may arise between you and the buyer. Preparing a written legal contract makes transactions just the way you expected them to be done. In the contract, don’t forget to mention the accurate legal description of the timber sale area. Also include the documentation associated with a harvested timber as an additional confirmation of the quality of the timber.

Take a Professional Advice

It is always better to evaluate the value of your harvested timber to know what should be your starting quote to sell them. If you don’t want to hire a professional forester, then you should find as many offers as possible for your timber. Always choose the harvesting company that abides by the existing laws and also understands your requirement completely.

Transparent Transaction

Timber selling involves lots of money as bulks of harvested timber are sold off at a time. Without proper legal agreement, the seller and the buyer should not make any monetary transaction. Means of transaction should be made clear to parties, seller and buyer, to avoid any kind of legal complication. If the deal involves any advance payment then it should be mentioned in the legal agreement.


Harvesting timer from your woodlot and then to sell them off is a daunting tasks having several financial and legal aspects. Before making the final deal, you must be aware of all the selling norms and present laws. There are many timber marketing Nova Scotia companies available to assist you in timer selling.