Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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Some people often fall into the trap of last minute wedding photography booking, thereby preventing them from exploring all the available options as they have to decide hastily. Once the date for the wedding has been chosen, the wedding venue booked and confirmed, the next step is to make arrangements for all other necessary services including photography. Nobody wants a poor wedding album and so an early search and booking for a wedding photographer is important, in fact some couples start their search right after the engagement. Mango Studios, a professional wedding photographer, will cater to your every need. Discover some useful tips to aid the process of selecting a wedding photographer. 


Go online and search for photographers; go through their websites. Don’t fall prey to beautifully designed websites; be sure to focus on the images rather than the website designs. After all one can get a beautifully designed website for fair amount these days. Bear in mind that these websites are used to promote their businesses and at such only reveal contents that are intended for viewing. It is normal that they would only display the best images as they only want to exhibit their skills. 

Explore the website and find out how many different wedding pictures are available. If you find very few, it could mean they are hiding some or probably haven’t photographed many weddings. You should also assess how much information is made available. Do they give precise information about their services?  Do they give out prices or do you need to visit them to know their price?

Do not get carried away because they claim to be part of a Professional Trade Organization as this is no guarantee that they are truly professionals at what they do. Some trade organizations do not require professionalism to join, all you need is to pay the fees meaning that just anyone could be a member. Having paid the fees, the person is free to use the organization’s logo on his or her site. Do a proper research into the trade organization to know their requirements for joining. Some are strictly on professionalism which requires that every person is subjected to evaluation, inspection and insurance check before joining. Do not be fooled by the name “Professional photographer” because anyone can claim to be one.


 Most photographers that have just started tend to give very low prices that only cover their cost. This business strategy is not only applicable to photography but all businesses as well. Some also see your wedding as a chance to generate a gallery of wedding photos for advertisement. Whatever the reason, you should find out why the price is extremely low. Many intending couples seem to make price the determining factor for choosing a wedding photographer but this shouldn’t be because having cheap photography can result in having very poor wedding photos that can be very disappointing. 

After spending a lot on wedding dresses, venue, flowers, cakes and so on, having poor photos that do not bring out the beauty of your special day can be very heartbreaking. You should not mess with the quality of your wedding photos based on price after all, if you can’t capture those beautiful dresses and cakes and flowers in beautiful photos, what’s the point?