New “Computer Virus” attacks Cyberweb

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A new fast growing virus had invaded the World Wide Web since the advent of the “Love Bug” back in 2000.

Dubbed the “Sobig.F” virus, it had affected worldwide systems when the virus spread to 134 countries in just 96 hours, generating tens of millions of emails. The sheer amount of infected email had caused buckling in the systems, and experts fear that the virus could increase the volume of electronic internet traffic to rise a staggering 60%, slowing the internet to a crawl.

The virus is believed to have cost British businesses alone hundreds of millions in lost orders and system crashes. The global cost created by the same virus would be humongous, if not uncountable.

Individual companies have been bombarded with millions of copies of the Sobig.F Virus causing delays in business procedure and data losses due to system crashes. Home users on the other hand had seen their laptops and personal computers flooded and jammed by up to 6000 email, causing their systems to crash in the process. The virus made hundreds of laptop users flock COMPUTER REPAIR shops for diagnosis.

Experts have deduced that Sobig.F appears to have been written by spam message senders. Spam messages are unwanted junk emails sent to multiple recipients that found its way to bypass several internet filters meant to block such messages.

The onslaught of the virus came after the destruction caused by two other major viruses, Blaster and Nachi, thus making it the “Worst barrage of viruses in the history of computing” according to a computer expert.

One in seventeen e-mails sent since Monday was infected with the Sobig.F virus, making it greater in terms of scale to the Love bug of 2000, which infected one in every 28 emails at the height of infection.

The virus spreads when an unsuspecting recipient opens the attachments of an e-mail that normally contains headings such as “Thank you”, “Re: Details” or “Re: Wicked screensavers.”

It sends multiple copies of the infected email to every contact on the victims address book. This means that one infected computer can generate hundred of virus spawns. Sobig.F also implants itself into the computer as a background program, which turns infected computers to become a relay for any messages sent by the virus creators, thus increasing their earnings.

Computer Experts advises the public to always use and keep genuine and up-to-date anti-virus programs to keep themselves safe from any cybernetic attack.