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Football is a game of adrenaline rush where one is glued for the 90 minutes come what may. Post the 90 mints; fans are always hungry for news and information about their favorite games, teams, and leagues. One place to get all the news, updates, gossips, transfers of the football world is BlameFootball.

The overzealous fans of soccer are always in quest of more and more of the game. Football as a sport has displayed a mixture of emotions on and off the field.  There is a lot of passion, love for the game, anger, frustration for the mistakes and sportsmanship for the defeats. The same applies to the enthusiastic fans all over the world.

Thy laugh, they cry, they make merry, or be sad at the performance of their favorite team. At any moment they make a player hero placing him on a high pedestal for his performance, and bring him down for his bad display of the game.

If you are also one of those who is always looking for news, updates, latest football transfer news, is the one stop solution for all your queries.
  • Transfer news The sport of football has the flexibility of players being bought and sold by clubs as per the rules and regulations of FIFA. These are transfers in the language of soccer. The transfer window or the registration period during which such transfers happen usually opens twice a year, once before the season starts, and second in the middle of the season. The players sometimes officially change the clubs they play, for a transfer fees during the transfer window. As the players change clubs, the loyalty of fans also change. Such transfer news is readily available on the website for you to read and regularly follow to be updated.
  • Transfer Gossips Before the actual transfer, a lot of gossips, rumors, speculation hover in the football fraternity as well as personal predictions. You can read on to find out all such speculations and gossips. Often it is easy to differentiate between right news and gossips; you can check it on BlameFootball. These gossips are sometimes entertaining and funny.
  • Done deals Once the deals of players transfer happen, it is updated on  The details of players, the clubs they play for, their transfers to the specific clubs, their transfer price, etc. are updated in the latest soccer transfer news to maintain clarity and transparency. News not just for FIFA, but also for Premier League, LA Liga, Serie A, Indian Super League, etc. is available on the same platform for your convenience.
  • Opinions In the soccer world, people love to speculate. Not just speculation, they love to state their opinions on any decision or move. brings to you news containing opinions on various matters such as why a specific player should not shift to another or why is it important for a specific club to retain their coach and so on. It is always interesting and informative to read on such opinions as it gives an insight into the team and their play.
For any such source to be worthy of your trust, it should post timely and updated news for its readers. The news must be correct and not divulge into any negative remarks about anyone. BlameFootball gives the right latest football transfer news with much simplicity, clarity, accuracy, and transparency for its readers.


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