The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters Regularly

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The gutters are an essential but often forgotten part of your home.  Whilst it is certainly true that they collect rainwater and disperse it away from your home; there are actually a number of reasons why this happens and why it is so important to clean your gutters regularly.  Whether you are looking for Dallas gutters or those in New York; the products need to be kept clear of debris.  This allows the water to run freely in the direction it is supposed to.  

If you are unable to maintain your gutters yourself then a quick visit to UltraLast will be worthwhile; they can offer a range of services which will ensure your Dallas gutter system is maintained to optimal performance level at all times.

Your gutters must remain clear for these reasons:

Wall Damage

If your gutters are blocked by leaves or other debris then the water is unable to travel to where it should be going.  Instead, it will overflow the sides of the gutter and flow down the walls of your home.  The first sign of this will be the water marks which start to accumulate on the side of your house.  Whilst these can be scrubbed and over painted it is not so easy to deal with crumbling masonry.  Water will slowly eat away to your cement and even the brick work of your home; making it soft and crumbly.  If the water is level to travel down your wall for an extended period of time it can have a lasting effect on the structure of your home.  It will generally be far more expensive to repair the damage rather than just keeping the gutters clear.


A secondary problem which is often caused by your overflowing gutters is damp.  Any place on your wall where the water can sit, or if there is nowhere for the water to go at the bottom of your wall will increase the potential for damp.  This effect is compounded by a lack of sunlight on parts of the building.  The water will gradually creep through your walls until it makes the interior walls damp.  At this point you will need to undertake a major drying operation in order to get rid of the damp and any mold which has accompanied it.

Damp in your home can start to make many items moldy, but, more importantly, it will also cause health issues and may even undermine the foundations of your building.


Finally, Dallas gutters are some of the best manufactured gutters you can buy; they help to protect you from getting dripped on.  In a heavy downpour, when you are trying to open your front door or get into your garage, a gutter working properly is a god send.  If it has not been cleared and maintained properly you will get dripped on just trying to get through the entrance way.  Whilst this is unlikely to do you any permanent harm, it is uncomfortable and distressing to find water trickling down the inside of your shirt!

You may see the gutter as a pointless accessory when in fact it is an essential accessory!