Best BMW’s of All Time That Will Take Your Heart Away

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BMW is not just a car brand- it’s a lifestyle. If you own a BMW, that says a lot of you, your lifestyle. This is a car that encompasses comfort, luxury, style before anything else. Infact is it often said that once your own a BMW, you can’t get back to driving anything else. (which means once a BMW drives, always a BMW driver) That is the power of the car.

BMWs have been known in history for their matchless class and timeless beauty. However old a BMW, it will never lose it class. They are gorgeous cars that only get more gorgeous with age.
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Now that you’re convinced about how good a BMW really is, we ought to tell you about the best BMWs of all time. The history stands as evidence, about how this has always been considered as the best cars that are desired by people through all ages, genders. Classes, and countries alike. That is the power of this car.
So, let’s have a look at the best BMWs that were there:
1.      BMW 328:
The best sports car ever, as many call it- BMW 328 is the car that comes to mind of every sports enthusiast. The car was introduced in 1936, and there was not a single sports car race it could not win.
2.         BMW 3.0 CSL
The European Touring Car Champion had to be held in 1972, so BMW came up BMW 3.0 CSL to compete with the other cars. This car was a big hit, the car had been lightened up by removing excess trim and taking off sound deadening. To be precise, this was the car of 1970’s.
3.         BMW 1 Series M Coupe
The car of all ages. This car was the car of new excuses. You want anything from a car? This car would have it. People still love this car like no other. This car is love.
4.         BMW 2002 Turbo
If there has been another sporty addition to BMW, this has been it. We are not saying that this car is epic but you can’t find something as good as this one till date. Sports car enthusiasts will know what we are talking about.
5.      BMW Z8
What is that word? Legendary. This is what we’d call this car. Everything about the car was so perfect that we can literally call it a dream car. If you have seen the James Bond movie- The world is not enough, this was the car. And the world is seriously not enough when it comes to the BMW Z8.
6.      BMW I8
We call this one the technological marvel. Oh yes, sitting and driving in this car feels surreal. The car does not just look seriously gorgeous but is also highly efficient. If you see something on the street looking like it's come from the future. This is the car!
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Anything and everything can change from time. But a BMW always stays a BMW. Does not lose its appeal in time!

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