5 Secrets of Extravagant Wedding

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Do you dream for a fairytale wedding? Do you want the most exciting wedding ever to have taken place? Well, everyone wants it that way, but only few get their wish right. But you can certainly surprise your friends and colleagues by staging the most romantic theme for wedding. What would surprise them the most is when you disclose how much you paid for it? But how?

This article talks about setting up weddings with limited amount of money, yet making them look extravagant. Here are some handy tips to follow:

1.    Plan PlanPlan!
Yes, “Plan” is what you should have and “Plan” is what you should refer to all the time. More importantly, “plan” is what you should always stick to. Planning before the wedding is vitally important. 

You need to set your budget, list down all the resources and backups. This step overlaps and supersedes all other steps, depends if you want to make a cheap wedding look expensive. 

2.    Professional Photographers
While it’s hard to find professional photographers cheap, but not all the wedding photographers are that expensive. You can get the best wedding photography in Toronto at a reasonable price, with My Boundless Wedding. All you need is call us for free estimate, book well ahead of wedding and save plenty of money. 

3.    Book Them When They Have Nothing To Do
If you think wedding planners remain busy throughout the year, you’re wrong. Good planners always take breaks or go for vacations. This is probably the best time to set your appointment with their representatives. If you give them ample amount of time, they’ll offer you better discount and plan for your wedding during the vacations. Who knows, you’ll get the most unique wedding ever in tight budget.

4.    Book the Right Venue
At the same time while you booked a wedding planner, it would be better to give him or her a direction by mentioning the venue for your wedding. It will help him/her focus on it and make the task a lot easier. Booking a venue earlier also means, you’d save some bucks.

Plus, you have to make sure that the venue you chose, should be accessible for all. It must have enough space to breath and to move from table to table. There must be a separate storage place for catering and beverages.

5.    Set The Theme And Live With It
So, coming back the question, “Are you ready for the perfect extravagant wedding?” Not yet, until the perfect theme is set for it. If you have chosen your wedding planner, make sure to contact him or her with as many choices as possible, and give every information about the kind of wedding you intended for. 

With all the above mentioned things checked, the wedding planner will offer you with some unique options. Other steps will align with the theme, such as, your make up, flower selection, dress selection, jewelry, events and more.

Finally, it’s up to Toronto wedding photographers to set your wedding alive and make it the best event in your life.