D-Day Around the Corner with GWC Valve International

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GWC Valve International  is a valve manufacturing company that specializes in flow control products. The company’s dedication is driven by the fact that a lot of their flow control products are supplied to military. The United States armed forces need a variety of flow control products for their machinery and other equipment. As a result, GWC Valve International has a special tie to the armed forces and is especially thankful the American soil is free. 

It will be the 73rd anniversary of the D-Day landings and Normandy invasion this year. Dignitaries around the country will be attending as well as individuals from all around the world. Americans had it the hardest on June 6th, 1944. Out of five beaches, the Americans landed on Omaha Beach, The beach was on a cliff and the military had to climb the cliff to take over the beach and gain ground. Unfortunately, the Germans were set up on the cliffs which made it very easy for them to shoot down and maintain a dominant position. The Americans suffered the most losses that day. This is a very important discussion as Memorial Day approaches. Memorial Day is a time where Americans and everyone as a matter of fact are encouraged to take a moment of silence to remember and thank fallen soldiers for their sacrifice for Americans. In World War One, America lost 53,402 troops while in World War Two, Americans lost 291,557 troops. America remained neutral in the Second World War until the United States were attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. Within a couple of hours, the Americans would form the allied forces with Canada and the United Kingdom. To this day, GWC Valve International as the rest of the nation supports their troops in the global war on terrorism fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

GWC Valve International encourages other companies to do as them and take a company moment of silence this Memorial Day. This Memorial Day, like every other, is close to many American’s hearts and deserves to be commemorated properly: with respect. For more information about other causes that are close to GWC Valve International, see the link provided above.