Tips for Traveling by Your Mountain Bike

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Taking your mountain bike with you during traveling can be a pretty good idea.  It can provide you with the chance of traveling on a new trail. It can provide you with proper exercise (no need of visiting the hotel gym) and also help you go on a biking adventure. Mountain bikes nowadays are made for traveling and come in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve still not found the perfect one, you could go through the guide of diamondback Sorrento review

But traveling by your bike can sometimes be a stressful and problematic process. This is where this article will come in handy. Here are some solid tips for traveling by your mountain bike.

1. Disassemble the mountain bike

Try to disassemble your bike part by part before traveling with it. Try to remove the pedals, front wheel, and rear derailleur. Don’t remove the handlebars and remove the stems instead. This is because replacing a stem is easier when the handle bars are attached. Try to align the handlebars and reposition them when you’ve arrived at your destination. If you are traveling by air, it is better to go with airless tires, which is a requirement for most airlines.

2. Box it up

Boxes are a better option for travel rather than travel bag or travel cases for mountain bikes. Boxes provide the mountain bike with better protection from bumps, whether on a plane or in the back of your car. Try to get those sturdy cardboard boxes retailers use to transport their mountain bikes to the stores. Boxes are lighter in weight and also come very cheap.

3. Pack it up with proper protection

It’s better to be safe first then sorry. Use proper padding inside the box, when placing it inside. Foam based pipe insulation works wonders for protecting the fork and frame tubes. Basically pack your mountain bike tight enough so that it can handle impacts and bumps on the road or inside a plane.

4. Always do a final check

Always do a final check on your bike parts.  Make sure you aren’t leaving behind any important parts. It will be easier if you can make a checklist for parts of your mountain bike. Try to take along a few extra parts if you can. 

5. Make sure everything is properly labeled or stickered 

Put labels or stickers on your box, with your proper departure and arrival address and your name. This helps, if your bike is misplaced on another flight, or you lose your bike somehow while traveling on the road. Also assure yourself that none of the parts are moving inside the box, as they might get damaged if they are. Make sure you are not exceeding the weight limit if you are traveling by air. Your bike will be in a completely perfect condition at arrival if everything is done properly.

6. Re-check you mountain bike traveling box or bag at arrival

This is the first thing you should keep on your priority list when arriving at the destination. Check your mountain bike box as soon as you’ve arrived at your destination. Make sure it is in the same condition it was packed in and has not been tampered with in any way.


Once you have fun traveling by your mountain bike to one destination, you’ll be taking it for many more trips.  If you properly follow the above-mentioned tips, traveling by your bike will be that much simpler.