Make the Most of your Delhi Trip with a self-drive car

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The imposing historic structures, the wide roads, the attractive shopping zones and the mouth-watering street food, all make Delhi a highly preferred tourist attraction. Delhi is an eclectic mix of tradition and modernism as age-old structures struggle to maintain their identity against the towering buildings that are slowly replacing them.

Delhi is a tourist’s dream-come-true for men and women alike and has a lot to explore. Haggling at the street shopping vendors, eating street food to one’s heart content and dabbling in history at the many monuments that dot the city, are all a part of the experience that Delhi is.

Soak in Delhi’s history in one memorable trip

Since Delhi is a huge, bustling metropolis, transportation from one place to another is always a concern, especially if one is dependent on the auto-rickshaw and DTC buses. One can lose a lot of time waiting for them and lose valuable time in doing so. Experienced travellers to the city suggest having a hired vehicle at disposal as it not only saves the hassles of flagging down autos and taxis, but also offers air-conditioned comfort, which may be necessary if one is travelling during summer and monsoon.

Planning and scheduling is of great importance

One may have travelled to Delhi to conduct business or on a much-deserved vacation with the family, either way, planning is extremely critical. One may have to zip across the city in quick time to meet clients or cram as much sightseeing in one single day. In any case, if one opts for a vehicle that remains on standby for the entire time, it will be helpful in keeping time schedules and guarantee comfort too.

Self-drive options could save the day

Driving in one’s own vehicle is the best way to ensure comfort and leisure for the entire family and a leading player in this industry, Zoomcar, has lined up a host of options for such times. One can make a choice between a 6/7/8-seater SUV with many luxurious amenities or a top-of-the-rung sedan.

A couple or a nuclear family can choose from many hatchback models that are great time savers right from arriving at the Delhi airport taxi and taking in the sights of this amazing city, that’s India’s capital.

Step into air-conditioned comfort by hiring a well-appointed airport cab Delhi and exploring the city at one’s own speed and convenience, without worrying about any of the transportation woes other tourists’ face.