Unusual Wedding Traditions around the Planet

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Nowadays, it’s actually quite wonderful and surprising to see a return to two people getting married again after a downslide over the past 3 – 4 decades. That just goes to show that something so natural and positive in the human spirit can never be done away with, and the bringing together of two loving persons to officially make a sacred pledge of honour to remain together and respect each other is only something granted from some higher power.
A Return to Roots
Modern society’s unnatural lifestyle with all of its ups and downs will never be able to destroy the wish for two people to do what nature intended, and getting married has never been such an almost revolutionary thing to do, so why not do it in true style?   

And the very same goes for popping that great big question beforehand. Nowadays, there are even professional companies such as The Proposers, who can arrange a completely unforgettable backdrop for asking someone special’s hand in marriage. Scenario’s such as: 
  • Singing serenade at Tower Bridge 
  • Secret Notting Hill gardens 
  • Private picnic at Hyde Park bandstand 
  • Private romantic rooftop with string quartet 
  • Flash mob in Covent Garden 
  • Private room with romantic decor at The Shard
And even more! Just imagine the look on your loved one’s face as reality kicks in! The very word “unforgettable” has never meant so much!
Different Wedding Traditions Worldwide
And should you think that the white-dress, big party type of wedding is the standard around the world, you will in for a surprise. Wedding traditions differ greatly from nation to nation, and what you might consider the norm where you live, can be seen as odd not too far away! Here are some: 
  • Tradition in Europe includes the wearing of the colour green on the night before the wedding for good luck in Italy 
  • Bachelor and bachelorette partying around town in Scotland 
  • Long wedding feasts that last until the next-day's breakfast in Portugal 
  • Elegant garlands and baskets of beautiful flowers taken to the bride and groom's homes days prior to the ceremony in Holland. 
  • Bridal showers also originate from Holland.
And Further Abroad
  • In places like China, traditions go back a long way and still maintains a more traditional affair. 
  • The proposal is a huge event, and is frequently conducted in writing. 
  • There is also an old tradition of setting the marriage bed at a particular position the day before the wedding, by people who have children, making it good luck for the new bride and groom. 
  • In India, traditions are even more observed. The couple’s engagement is completed by the parents and the exchange of wedding rings as a sign of commitment a long time before the wedding happens. 
  • In Morocco, wedding traditions involve partying for several days, to ready the couple's future home, and a henna party where females decorate hands and feet before assisting the bride in a purifying bath.
Proposals and weddings have always been here and will ultimately stay!