How to Install a Difficult Mountain Bike Tire

2:25 AM Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Mountain bikes are an important part of our lives. There are those who like riding bikes either for leisure, burning calories or for the ease that comes with mountain bikes especially in traffic snarls.

Some cities in the world prefer people going to town with bikes rather than using their big cars to reduce traffic. Hence, it would be of essential importance for one to know basic bike handling skills like installing a difficult mountain bike tire for your own good.

Once you know how to install the tire, you will not have trouble doing it by yourself. This is how you go about it.

Step 1: Proof-Checking
  • Check how the tubes are situated at the rim and make sure that it is securely situated at the rim as it can easily get damaged.
  • Check on the directional guidelines by the manufacturers of the tire if any. Make sure you align the tire with the direction indicated on the rim. If there is no any you can deduct from the alignment of the rim and the valve.
  • Also, it is serviceable to make sure that the recommended tire pressure details if available get situated adjacent to the valve. It helps when pumping in pressure to not go beyond the limit.
  • Ensure the rim is sustainably taped.
Step 2: Installation

Assuming that you had either removed your tire because of a flat or perhaps it is a new tire you would like to install, the following procedure only covers the installation of the tire.

Inflate the tube to be able to look a little firm or stand in its shape and then gently place it in the tire.
Lower the tire and the valve to the rim. Start by putting the vale through the hub without bending. This is because a crooked valve is likely to cause a flat tire later.

Gently guide the uninstalled bead into position taking care not to puncture the partially inflated tube. Since this discussion pertains a difficult tube then one should really take a lot of care when guiding the rest of the bead due to the susceptibility of using excessive force.

You can hold the "bottom" around your stomach while your hands hold the "top" with each hand on one side of the valve. Carefully guide the bead with your hand once at a time into place starting from the valve and moving away.

The initial stages are easy even for a difficult tire. Trouble begins at about a distance of six inches to completion when the tire seems to cross over the rim. This is the trickiest part as one will tend to use a lever which could easily lead to puncturing the tube or splashing the tire. It is advisable to use your hands which requires a bit of strength but finally, the tire should get in place.

Appropriate tire installation is an essential skill for the maintenance of a bike. Whether it is repairing a flat in the middle of nowhere or replacing worn out treads, cyclists or non-cyclist need to know how to install their tire on their own.

This saves you the inconvenience of having to walk long distances searching for a nearby mechanic and also money.