Tennis Court Installation – Turning a Backyard into A Tennis Court

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Installing a tennis court in your backyard gives you the benefit of stepping out your of backdoor to play an impromptu tennis match. By doing this, you will put an end to the waits for vacant public courts.

However, deciding to install a tennis court is just the beginning; there are so many things to consider like evaluating your site, deciding which type of playing surface you want and the cost of installing the court.

Do You Have the Space Needed For the Tennis Court

The dimensions of a regular tennis court are 60’ * 120’. These were the dimensions of the fence line and not the playing lines. The playing lines are 78’ from the baseline to baseline and between the double lines 36’. Therefore, you are going to have 21’ from baseline to fence line and 12’ from the double sideline to the adjacent side fence line.
Considering the issue of setbacks is important. By definition, a setback is a requirement in almost all jurisdictions, and they tell you how close to a property line that you may build a structure.

The Best Direction

Depending on your geographic location and the time you plan to use the court you will be able to decide on the best the position. The North-South court the best if the court is to be used throughout the day.

Soil Conditions

The soil is not just soil when it comes to tennis court installation. Even best-constructed courts can fail if it is built on the unstable subsurface. It’s recommended you hire a qualified geotechnical engineer to perform a soil analysis.

Hard or Soft Court Surfacing Options

Cushioning materials have become so popular nowadays, as compared to concrete courts. Cushioned surfacing systems consist of one or more layers of cushioning materials. These systems allow for more extended playing times by absorbing impact and reducing muscle fatigue. The cost of this cushioned comfort is high.

Acrylic color coatings are another excellent choice. They have proven to protect the court from; the elements improve its appearance, improve foot traction and consistency in bell bounce.

Cost of Installing a Tennis Court

The cost will depend on your site. The distinct characteristics of your site significantly influence the cost. This includes:
  1. The ease of getting the equipment.
  2. The level at which your soil might affect cost.
  3. The source of bulk materials.
  4. The drainage issues.
The price much varies from area to area. The availability of materials, related trucking, and access one can be able to approximate the cost.

Building a tennis court in your backyard is exciting and very convenient. With enough space at your disposal, you can install at the tennis court. For your convenience, it is essential to select a contractor whose specialty is building tennis courts.

You will need a contractor who can do the whole job from begging to end. If you can do this, the odds of poor quality, high and unreasonable cost, are significantly reduced.


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