5 Car Detailing Secrets You Should Know

10:03 PM Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Car detailing is instrumental in ensuring that your vehicles appearance stays top notch, and can also extend the life of the car.  A constant battery of wind, dirt, rocks, and other particles can erode the exterior of the car, so protecting and cleaning it properly is a wise investment of your time and resources. 

Cleaning and protecting your interior is also vital to car detailing, as poor upkeep to the inside of a vehicle can help it maintain value and prevent unnecessary replacement of parts or upholstery.  Check out some secrets used by seasoned pros.

  • Microfiber – While microfiber is now a staple of the car detailing industry, this is often something missed by many people who try to detail their own car.  Microfiber towels are more efficient when it comes to cleaning, especially for the exterior and they won’t scratch.  Another thing to remember about microfiber cloths is that you can find various types that have specific purposes.  Make sure to use the correct cloth in the correct situation.
  • Clay Bars – Clay bar systems are superior to most other methods of removing exterior particles and contaminants.  Typically, you use a detailing spray, a clay bar, and a towel.  After removing any contaminants with a clay bar, it creates a smoother surface that will make your polish and wax apply more evenly and helps it stick longer too.
  •  Crisscross wipe method – When wiping down glass, use the crisscross wipe method.  Apply a streak free glass cleaner horizontally either inside or outside of the car, and go vertically on the other side.  That way if you see a vertical or horizontal streak, you will know which side the streak is on.
  • Static is your friend – Many people travel with their pets.  Dogs often leave behind a large amount of hair behind on car seats and carpets.  An easy fix is to put on a latex disposable glove and run your hand over the seats and carpet to build up static and the hair stick to your glove.
  • Don’t stop with your buffer – Sometimes people think they are done after applying wax and removing it with their buffer.  This can leave swirls and other marks on the car’s paint.  Once you finish buffing, make sure to remove the wax with a towel to keep the buffer from scratching the paint by mistake.
Car detailing will be a lot easier to accomplish on your own if you follow the tricks above.  Not only will it help you put in less effort, proper detailing done by yourself or a professional can save you a lot of cash in the long run.  Your car will be sure to impress once you have taken care of it using these tips.