Five reasons you need to travel to Milan

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The capital city of Italy, Milan is attractive and has an old world charm about it. It balances romance and history with cosmopolitanism. It has one of the most beautiful countryside in the Europe and should be on the bucket list of every traveler.

Reasons why you need to visit Milan

1. Less crowded: When planning a holiday, most people pick destinations that are less touristy in order to stay away from the large crowds. Milan is one of the less crowded cities in Italy. There are crowded tourists hotspots but you will be able to find peace and roam the streets with ease. It is not bursting with large groups of tourists across every part of the city, it is peaceful and allows you to feel truly Italian while you explore it.

2.Diverse architecture: Milan has an illustrious history and there are numerous beautiful buildings which have been created by some of the best architects in the world. Milan is a city which is not dominated by a specific architectural period, it has the best architecture from all periods and is known for the same. Every area in Italy is a display of the best of architecture from different periods.

3.Cuisine: If food is enough for you to visit a city, Milan should be on the top of your list. Nothing beats the authentic Italian cuisine prepared by chefs in Italy. The food in Milan is impacted by the surrounding mountains, lakes and farmlands. The famous dishes of Italy include Christmas loaf, risotto, breaded veal cutlet and panettone. When in Italy, try different types of pizzas and savor your favorite delicacies.

4.Artworks: Milan was the centre of some of the most significant art movements in Europe. Right from the 14th century Gothic art to the 20th century masterpieces, Milan has seen it all. The art is reflected in the museums and art galleries that display the masterpieces. Milan is a haven for art lovers and is home to the famous painting-Last Supper by Leonardo di Vinci.

5.Rich History: Milan is a place where you can learn about the modern Italian history. The Castello Sforzesco and the Royal Palace provide insights into the dynasties that ruled in Lombardy. Milan is famous across the world for Duomo which is the largest and most elaborate Gothic building in Italy. It is a mind blowing experience to climb on top of the Duomo and soak in the beauty of the city.

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