5 Top PPC Trends to Follow in 2018

How many times did it occur that while scrolling through a website be it YouTube, Facebook or any other social media platform, you come across a specific advertisement which displays you the exact information you were looking for or the product you wanted to buy at a heavily discounted price. You click on that advertisement, and it takes you to the page with the required information or the product. Ever wondered how did the webpage come up with the exact information you wanted? This is done through a targeted advertising technique known as PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

Whenever people search for anything on their search engines, a PPC advertising model displays ads according to the search queries entered by the users. Now when a user clicks an ad, the advertisers are charged hence deriving the name "pay-per-click". As the keywords displayed in the ads play an important role in paid search, it is sometimes also referred to as keyword advertising. Among the key players in the online advertising industry PPC services Sydney has managed to stand out as the most reputed digital advertising company delivering a multitude of clients. With comprehensive keyword research added with creating a UI/UX that is user-friendly and meaningful, they seem to have perfected the recipe for their clients in helping them increase their digital presence.

It is already known how quickly trends change in this industry with every passing year. Be it fashion, technology, sports etc. And with these ever-changing trends, companies need to align or rather upgrade themselves to the current demands otherwise they may risk themselves getting lost in the oblivion. From Orkut to Blackberry the list is endless.

Same applies to digital advertising too. In order to survive and lead in this ever competitive market, one must know the recent trends for PPC. Hence after knowing about PPC, its mechanism and its leader now let’s have a look at the top 5 PPC trends to know in 2018.

       Data-Driven Audience Targeting

We all know that trillions of data are getting transmitted every second. With the increased amount of devices connected through the internet, the flow of data has never been so high. Now all the data might not be useful, but useful data leads to information. And in this data-driven world of ours, the only way to formulate the best possible business decision can be taken if the decisions are taken through the analysed data. This has become even more feasible now because of the amount of data available. The amount of data we have access to wasn’t available 5 years ago. With an array of targeting options and data collection methods, we have data regarding customer database, the similar audience who have relatable buying behavior or users who have most frequently visited a website. With all this data at our disposal, data-driven audience targeting has to be the foremost trend of 2018.

       Personalization for Audiences

Personalizing the ads according to the audience is an excellent PPC trend that we are going to witness a lot this year. How often we’ve seen the food delivery chain giant Zomato displaying ads saying “50% off when ordered through the mobile app”. This is a typical example of personalization for audiences. Imagine you were searching for guitars and you buy one. On the very next day, you see an ad displaying ‘click for the best guitar lessons' or ‘Music schools in your area'. Though you might be surprised at the accuracy of these ads all of this is achieved via personalizing them for specific audiences. If you open the same web page on your friends mobile at the same time, you'll see he'll be displayed a different set of ads based on his interests. That's how accurate they are!

       Google’s New AdWords Interface

For online advertisers, Google's AdWords interface is certainly not a trendy term but believe me when I say Google’s new AdWords which it is planning to roll out in 2018 is something that will certainly online advertisers will look forward to. With its already available features which include Device Adjustments, Expanded Text Ads, Demographic Targeting, Price Extensions and my personal favorite Campaign Level Audience targeting, the new AdWords interface is rumored to be faster, more intuitive, increased workflow and has a host of exciting features in the new release. And unlike other companies, Google’s rumors are always true! 

       Desktop to Mobile

This is the trend we believe we need least to talk about. In fact this transition we are witnessing in our everyday day to day lives. With Google already insisting on its "mobile first" policy by penalizing PPC quality score if you don't meet Google's mobile website policy shows the urgency in this trend. In the end, we all want a fast and user-friendly mobile website. Imagine how pissed off you will be if it takes 5 minutes to load a single page. This affects the PPC model badly. With Google being at the helm of mobile searches it has made perfectly clear to the companies to create a fast and user-friendly website. Companies failing to do so will be ranked lower in the organic and paid rankings- a ranking system used by Google to display the companies when searched for in its engine.

       Increased Reliance on Automated Billing Solutions

Most of the digital advertisers like to control their PPC bidding. This process though gives more control, but once you build and expand your accounts and campaigns, the workload becomes mind-boggling. Why to manually change your bids if you can have a machine learning algorithm that can bid on keywords. With Google coming up with new and exciting ways to optimize your ad campaigns it is evident they can do a much superior job than the manual bidding process. With the increased pace of this digital word an automated bidding process is certainly the last but not at all the least of the trends coming in 2018.

With the changing technology and consumer demands, every day the trends discussed above are certainly something every online advertising company should incorporate to lead in the industry. Digital marketing company in Sydney has certainly had the vision to assimilate these trends and continue being the technically perfect organization in online marketing as they currently are. 

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