How to make body wash at home

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There are many ways to make natural and good body wash at home which can keep one’s body soft and supple.

This handmade body wash also come with a lot of benefits as they are all made from natural products. They are also free from harmful chemicals and any kind of preservatives. Here are some easy homemade body wash recipes which one can easily make at home.

Softening honey body wash

This is a very moisturising body wash which never strips off the natural moistures from one’s skin.  Also using this on a regular basis is actually a way of pampering one’s skin as well. In order to make this at home, one needs 2 tea spoons of sweet almond oil, two third cup of liquid castile soap, 1 tea spoons of Vitamin E roll, one fourth cup of raw organic honey and about 50 drops of lavender essential oil. One needs to put all the ingredients in a bottle together and shake it thoroughly. Honey here acts as a natural moisturiser and the sweet almond nourishes the skin. On the other hand the Vitamin E does the repair job along with lavender essential oil. Apply directly on your body and wash off all impurities while treating your skin with the delicious benefits of natural ingredients.

Nourishing aloe vera body wash

This actually helps in improving the condition if one already is suffering from damaged skin. One can make this at home easily. One needs one fourth cup of aloe vera gel, three fourth cup of mild soap base and 1 tea spoon of Vitamin E roll. One also needs to add 25 drops of their favourite essential oil. Firstly, one needs to add the aloe vera gel to the soap base and then blend it thoroughly. The pour the mixture in a container and add the essential oils in it. This a complete body wash for skin care treatment.

Hydrating lavender body wash

To make this at home, one needs 3 cups of water, one fourth cup of Castile or organic soap, 2 tea spoons of avocado oil, one fourth cup of rolled oatmeal, 1 tea spoon of Vitamin E and 15 drops pf lavender essential oil. Avocado oil moisturizes your skin while vitamin E repairs the skin. Oatmeal is great for cleansing. To prepare the body wash, bring the water to boil and pour it over the oatmeal that you have placed in a glass bowl. Filter out the solution and do away with the oats. Now mix castile soap, vitamin E oil, lavender essential oil and avocado oil thoroughly.

Coconut oil body wash:

For this, one needs ingredients like half a cup of extra virgin coconut oil, half a cup of Castile soap, 1 tea spoon of Vitamin E, 10 to 15 drops of preferred essential oil. One can mix all the ingredients together and pour it in a bottle. Shake it up well every time before using it.

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