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Have you depended on drugs or alcohol for a very long part of your life? Have you been pointed towards an in-between house but don't really know what this is? Though it may sound like it, It's nothing to be scared of.  They are life changing but honestly for the best.

Some people need to turn their lives around drastically by getting away from their everyday routine.  Usually when you turn to sober living housing a health care professional has already given you the green light to go ahead with it.


If you've already been inside one, you'll have a rough idea but remember each house is different.  Some may be a resting place whereas others may offer therapy, counselling and a chance to integrate back into society.  Most houses share the same trait - following house standards.  Below are some of the most common rules.


Due to the volume of patients there usually there would be a schedule or rota in place to indicate who can use things like the bath or shower, and what time slot they have.  Obviously, things like using the toilet can't be scheduled so don't be too hard on yourself in that respect.


To keep minds focused, and standards kept high, you may find you have to engage in keeping the house tidy and clean.  Tasks like washing up, hoovering and dusting may be expected of you and the residents.


Unfortunately, you may find being in a sober living house can feel like school.  The idea is to keep you clean and safe and then to put you back on the correct path for your life.  This means putting necessary restrictions in place, via a curfew or lockout.  This is where you may be able to wander freely outside of the premises for a while, but you must ensure you're back at a set time.  If you stick to this you're proving to the health care professionals you are willing to change for the good, can listen to instructions well and want to be a better person.

If you do well in the sober living house then on occasions you may be rewarded.  This can be in the form of being able to see your family.  Some cases you don't get to see friends and family for a while because it may interfere with progress.  If you, however, do what's expected there may be options and chances to have in-house visits.

Entering into a sober living house is an excellent choice for you if you've depended on substances throughout the years.  The idea is, once you're released you should be able to go back to friends and family as a changed person.  Every professional inside the house share the same goal, and though times may be hard and dark just remember, you want to change, you will change, and you'll take the necessary steps to be a better person in the community and to yourself.