The Dangers of Hazardous Materials on 18-Wheeler Lorries

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Big lorry accidents are thankfully not all that common. But whenever they occur, they result in severe damage and can be life-threatening as well. A fully loaded 18-wheeler lorry usually weighs up to 80,000 pounds, so they can do a lot of damage, according to Texas truck accident lawyer Greg Baumgartner.

Whenever a crash takes place involving an 18-wheeler lorry with an SUV or a car, the severe outcomes often include irreparable physical injuries and fatalities.  In addition to the large size and heavy weight of these lorries, the hazardous load that they carry also makes them more dangerous.

These lorries are often overloaded. You might also have seen an 18-wheeler carrying diesel fuel and these lorries can carry upwards of 300 gallons of flammable fuel. If the crash is severe, the tank may be compromised, and there is a chance that fuel will spill out all over the road and it can start a fire.  The fire risk associated with the diesel spill is so dangerous that once the fire is ignited, it becomes difficult to put it out.

There are special laws that guide truck drivers about where they can drive, to avoid these harmful accidents. If a driver doesn’t abide by the rules and these local laws, he may be fined.

Acknowledge the Dangers

Everyone should be aware of the dangers that big lorries can cause. If you are driving on a road where there is a truck moving ahead, you have to be very careful. And particularly, if a lorry is carrying fuel or some other harmful material, you should maintain a safe distance from it. Always keep some distance between your ride and that big vehicle to ensure your safety.

Make sure you signal correctly and never speed around an 18-wheeler. Also, you should never ever cut off a lorry at speed.

If you are met with an accident with a lorry, remember not to go too close to the site of the crash. If your vehicle is involved in a crash with a lorry and is damaged, leave it there and start moving away from the scene right away for your own safety. If you see flames or smoke coming out of any of the vehicles involved, start walking (run if you can) in the opposite direction. It would be foolish of you to try to extinguish fire all by yourself.