Unusual Wedding Music Trends

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Weddings are a great way of proclaiming your love for one another, a tradition that had lasted throughout history in almost every culture throughout the world. And of course one of the things that make a wedding great (aside from the possibility of an open bar) is the music that carries with it all the sentiments and celebration of this once in a lifetime special. 

But as with all traditions, throughout the ages certain trends crop up. Here are some of the more unusual ones to give you some inspiration for your big day.

Social media is engulfed in first dance videos posted by adoring guests, but one trend that has perhaps gotten a bit big for its britches is the choreographed first dance. What started out as nervous grooms not wanted to look foolish in front of their guests, quickly turned into musical mayhem, with newly-weds re-enacting the final sense of popular movies including Flashdance and Dirty Dancing.

Flashmobs have also
become a big hit at weddings, with guests surprising the happy couple with dance routines, funky moves and music playlists to entertain, make them laugh or even cry.

Other notable trends include hiring or inviting big ticket bands and a-list singers to the wedding, though this can come at quite the additional price tag. With some grooms surprising their new wives with their favorite band to accompany their first dance or fathers grafting in local celebrities during the toast, surprise performances have become almost a wedding norm.

Speaking of toasts, this tradition has also had a makeover with some people turning to music and creating parodies in order to convey their sentiments. Whether its the bride singing a love song as she descends the aisle, the groom on guitar during the reception or the bridesmaids singing a love ballad about the family cat, more and more weddings are seeing DIY performances worthy of the internet.

Of course, music is not just used to shock and awe the guests nor to surprise the happy couple with a flashy performance. Less traditional forms of background music are also becoming popular as more and more couples move away from the traditional classical options. Whether with a live band or a DJ, themed weddings are increasingly popular, with brides opting for all 60's rock cafe and swinger music to historical and fantasy re-enactment weddings taking on the scores of popular movies and games in the genre.
And let us not forget the modern tradition of the daddy-daughter dance, which can in itself bring tears to the eye. Not just reserved for a daughter sharing a tender moment with the first man in her life, the daddy-daughter dance has become a moment of hilarity for many, with inflatable guitars and wacky dance moves being brought to the stage to music that symbolized the daughter's childhood or to indicate a caring laughing relationship.

But however you choose to celebrate your big day remember: 'if music be the food of love, play on'.