Top 3 Best Smart Home Technologies to Automate Your House

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‘Technological advancement’ is a way of living now. People are obsessed to make their lives easier and more comfortable. As it is said, everything begins at home; the same goes for technology. Welcome these smart home technologies and change your entire lifestyle.

You prefer one-to-many things like many other people have faced while living at home. Some are: forgetting to switch off the light, turn off the thermostat, lock the house properly, or forgetting the key of their house. All these can be a big issue and can lead to wastage of energy as well as resources. But you can avoid all of it with the simple step of using technologies for home control.

Know About the 3 Best Smart Home Technologies

In this age of advancement, updating oneself is not sufficient; one should be doing the same with the other technologies so that they can have an enhanced experience of tech advancement. Want a smart home?
  1. Wireless Signal Transmitting Technology
The two leading techniques used here are:


X10 is a top-notch technique that has served to be the base for higher technological advances like UPB. It connects all the electrical devices with one key.

Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)

This is a smart signal transmitting and control technology. This will help to control many electronic gadgets at the same time. The usage of this technique is also very simple. All that one needs is a controller that will be compatible when paired with the working of the connected devices without any hitch.

2. Biometric technology

The three most used technologies are:

Facial Recognition

This is a non-contact process of identifying the face, and it is the key to lock and unlock smart devices. Facial recognition is a widely used, intriguing technology which works with the following:

The device will take a picture of the person, scan and then store in the memory of the high-tech device. Every time you will use this technology, Adaptive Regional Blend Matching (ARBM), Perturbation Space Method (PSM), Generalized Matching Face Detection Method (GMFD),and neural network technology are used to detect the face.

This technique matches the face from not only different angles, but also athermal camera, 3-dimensional recognition, and skin texture analysis are some of the other techniques incorporated here.


Every individual has different fingerprint,and because of this, it is one of the best recognition method used for locking, unlocking, keeping daily data track,etc.

The technology used is biometric, but it is different from other processes. This is a contact method for identification where the fingerprints get scanned and the device store in the memory.

Later,it scans the fingerprint on the detection screen and matches with the one in stored memory.This is common for locking safes at home to keep valuable property and belonging secured.It is so effective that it different commercial buildings, offices and even in storage units in San Diego, as well as other location, has started using the same. This enhances the security of the facility.

3.      Voice activation

This is a widely used technology, not just because it is wireless and simple to use, but also because it has a high accuracy result.

Commands already exist in this technology, and it works according to the commands. The working technology will repeat as many times it will receive a voice order. The only thing needed to utilize maximum facilities from this technology is by the installation of microphones.

With all these modern technologies and smart gadgets following modern techniques for home automation solutions,you can now have a smarter home with better living status. Utilize tech advancement and enjoy a secured, convenient and comfortable home.In case of any suggestion or query,please feel free to get in touch with us below in the comment box.

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  1. The technology used is biometric, but it is different from other processes