Which Is the Best Avenue for Selling Your Car Online? Gumtree Vs. Car Removal Companies

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Whether or not it’s your first time or third time selling your car, it’s going to feel a little stressful, to say the least. The first and possibly most important hurdle will be deciding which is the best way to sell my car online. There are many different ways to sell your car, so we thought we would make it a little easier for you to decide which is best by comparing 2 popular ways of selling your vehicle: Cash for Cars and Gumtree.

Selling Your Car on Gumtree

Gumtree is about convenience for both the seller and buyer: it gives individuals a powerful platform to purchase goods that might be harder to find as well as an alternative to pricier products offered by established businesses.

The Pros

·         You have the potential for hundreds, even thousands, of people to view your advertisement.
·         You can choose how much money you want to spend on advertising your car, or in other words putting it at ‘the top’ of the list.
·         You don’t have to travel to sell your car, buyers can come to you.
·         You have all the power in negotiating the price of your vehicle.
·         If you’re lucky, you might get a higher offer for your car.

The Cons

·         They’re riskier than cash for cars in the literal sense. There was a recent news story about a man selling his car on gumtree who was assaulted and had his car stolen.
·         There’s a risk in the sense that you are more likely to be scammed, in that you are dealing with an individual rather than an established business.
·         It is harder to research the trustworthiness of the buyer, whereas a legitimate business will have customer reviews and ratings as well as a physical address.
·         Selling your vehicle can potentially take a long time, even months, before you get an offer you’re happy with.

Selling Your Car to A Cash for Car Company

Cash for car companies are another very popular option when it comes to selling your car. They offer many benefits and have been steadily growing in popularity in recent years.

The Pros

·            Selling your car via cash for cars companies is by far the quickest way to sell your car. Car removal companies appeal to so many because the whole process can be virtually done on the spot in one day. The process is simple: you get a quote, you have your car inspected, you’re given an offer and then assuming you accept, your car will be bought in ‘instant’ cash and towed away.
·                 Cash for car companies offer free towing, so you don’t have to drive anywhere or worry about paying for a tow truck to dispose of your scrap car.
·                 Cash for car companies can sort out all the paperwork for you.
·                   It’s easier to find a legitimate cash for cars business than it is to find a trustworthy buyer on Gumtree.
·             You can get a decent price because cash for car companies find virtually all your car’s parts and metals valuable for recycling, reusing and refurbishment.

The Cons

·         While you can expect a fair cash offer from cash for car buyers, a private sale has the potential to fetch you more. But it is worth noting that to get a higher price from a private sale, car sellers will have to spruce their car up for sale. Whereas with cash for car companies, they are willing to buy your car in its present condition – damage, issues and all.
·       Prices vary, and if you’re not careful about researching the reputation of a company, you can potentially get scammed.