6 Advantages of Computer Vision

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From the horseless carriages to advent of internet, upgrading of technology has always transformed the business world. The long wait for one call connection to the anytime face time feature, technology has so much to offer to the users. Continuous advancements in technology have enabled machines to experience human's sight. Computer vision is a process that enables computer or other machines like phones etc. to 'see' the image and recognize it. Every technology gets invented with the motive of providing certain benefits to the consumers, a few of them are:

Fast process 

Although the process of identification of an image involves many stages but is a quick process. Computer is a machine and it works fast. It is the process of breaking down an image into codes and recognizing the subject in it in a few seconds or even milliseconds. For instance, when you set face look as your phone's password, as soon as you place the phone in front of your face, it gets unlocked. That is the speed of computer vision system.


Machines are more reliable than human of course. Contrary to human eye, computers and cameras have the tendency to never get tired. The human factor gets eliminated and there are no fluctuations in the reliability.

Wide range of use

The process of computer vision could be used in multiple ways ranging from various factories, banks and the medical industry. You could use the same system for various activities performed in your company. It could be used in quality checks, warehouse supply tracking to counting of last deliveries in shipping process. It eventually reduces the costs for continual new system staff training.

Automatic identification

Computer vision system is an automatic process. It does not need external attachment to the object targeted for detection. The computer or any device for that matter identifies the shape, color, size and dimensions of the object automatic.

Easy upgrades

The technology upgrade is advancement of the current technology into something better than existing. Upgrading image sensor does not need upgrading tags, transponder devices and/or identifiers.

Business solution

Computer vision is not just a product, but it could be a whole business idea. Computer vision companies provide computer vision technology to various products and enable them to use the benefits of it. The industry is however growing and there are multiple job opportunities in it. Computer vision is an idea that is wide and vibrant.

Along with advantages come the drawbacks as well. Everything good has a cost attached to it. And the disadvantage of computer vision are -

• It requires a lot of memory. The data processing and analytics is Intensive process and requires a lot of computation. 

• There are of course technical limitations when you are using a machine. It could be defective or other common issues that usually occur in the machine.

However, all these disadvantages are not so big that they could not be overlooked. This technology of computer vision offers much more benefits to the consumers as well as the business world. 

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