Simple Video Phone For Elderly You've Got To Try

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One way to check and stay connected with your senior parents is video chatting. Even when you cannot be there for them all the time, this innovative technology can bring you closer to them. However, not all our elder loved ones can easily keep up with the advancement of technology. They need a simple video phone for elderly particularly if it is their first time to use a computer or smartphone.

The good news is you can find these kinds of products that are specifically designed for seniors who are tech-challenged. A simple video phone elderly can make communication with your old parents smooth and easy.

What I Konnekt Videophone?

When it comes to the simplest phone in the world, then Konnekt is on top of the list. The design of this phone has the hearing loss and disability of the elderly in mind. This modern device helps you to be a great caregiver to your elder parents. First off, using it helps improve the cognitive ability of someone with dementia or memory loss.

When starting up the Konnekt videophone, you simply plug it in and the contacts are being displayed for you. You can see your contacts on a screen of big buttons. If you need to call a contact, just press the button of that person on the screen. when giving this videophone to an elderly, then there is no need to find a contact in a confusing manner. They do not even need to swipe.

An elderly who is using Konnekt videophone can call their contacts via the Skype platform. You can put the children, grandchildren, gardener, caregiver, doctor, and so on as their contacts.  

This cutting-edge videophone comes in a 15-inch screen, which is perfect for those with poor eyesight. The size of the text is customizable. It is also the ideal device for those with hearing disabilities. The speakers of Konnekt can get loud as it needs to be. The elderly who is several rooms away can hear it if someone is calling.

Key Features

Some of the key features of Konnekt include:

       Auto Answer. You can authorize callers and choose to answer automatically in an amount of time you specify. If an elderly cannot reach the phone on time such as when taking a nap or cooking dinner, the trusted caller will be reassured.

       Touchscreen. The touchscreen of Konnekt videophone is bigger compared to a regular tablet or iPad. An elderly can see and across the room.

       No Surprise Bill Cost. With this video calling through Skype, the elderly can call anyone and anywhere in the world without the cost of regular phone calls.

       Zero-Configuration. This videophone can be tailored to your needs. You can change the layout, style and size of text, volume, language, color scheme, number of call buttons, and ringing sounds according to your preference.


With Konnekt videophone, there is something for our seniors in the family. You can feel secure knowing that you can reach them through technology but without the complexity of using an iPad or computer.

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