Boosting Attendee Engagement with mobile technology

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Now peoples are living in the era of technology, and development in technology is progressively increasing day by day. With the help of technology, people invented the mobile phone for the communication purpose. But after the development of technology, Mobile technology also has been changed.Today approximately everyone is using mobile phone.According to international telecommunication union nearly, 6.8 billion people using mobile phones and near about world total population is 7.1 billion. People want to communicate with each other. They want to finish the distance between them and mobile technology make it easy.

Research conducted by Statista, in 2016 event industry generated $30.3 billion profit from across the world. The figure in 2015 was $29.3 billion. Event industry is also growing with the passage of time.  Mobile technology makes it possible for the business organization to generate millions of dollars profit from their events. Use of mobile technology with business strategy in an effective way is the reason of successful event for companies.

Now mobile technology is not just used for communication, also use for sharing information, ideas, and to get knowledge from across the world. Mobile technology further devices such as iPad’s, Tablets is very helpful for the human being. These devices changed the scenario of technology, especially the availability of iPad in an event is very necessary for every attendee. IPad plays a bridge role between customer engagement and interesting in the event. Because through the iPad, attendee could interact with each other, they could know about your company and product in anactual way. For this purpose, you could hire iPad from iPad hire companies for short terms of period. It will save your money and give you fruitful results which you are expecting from your audience.

Here are some ways to boost up the attendee Engagement:
·         Social media Marketing
·         Quizzes & winners
·         Attractive gallery
·         Event app

Social media marketing

Social media marketing become an important part of every field of life. Because through the social media campaign companies increase their sales, products, services and make a better relationship with clients. People engage with each other, therefore social media marketing comes at a front line in any type of event. Value of social media marketing is enormous. Social media could boost the attendee engagement in the event with effective way.

Value of Twitter wall

Value of Twitter in the event has been immense. Twitter is a social platform which is widely used in events through the Twitter you can tweet about your event, you could give the information about your company, about your products, sales and services. People amazed and happy when they saw the pictures, tweets or ideas they had shared on the display twitter wall.

Live streaming

Mobile technology made business simple and convenient. You could also use Facebook for live stream. So attendees could watch their activities which they are doing in your event. Live stream and use of Twitter wall is highly effective for boost up the attendee engagement in your event. 

Quizzes & winners

Quizzes are also a perfect way to boost up and engage the audience in your event. You should take online quizzes through iPad. But you need to make sure your quiz should be very specific, quiz could be about your company, your products and services and the city where the event is taking place.

Also, announce the price for winners, price could be money, your products and services in free of cost and the other benefits which winner will receive. This will be very entertaining for your attendee and they will listen to you carefully and try to win the quiz. Therefore you must need to provide iPad for attendee engagement. There are many iPad rental companies which offer iPad’s on rent base for short terms of period.

Attractive Gallery

Attractive content and gallery is also the best way to engage the attendees in your event. Make an attractive gallery in some area of your event. You could use cooperating touch screen electronic devices, such as iPad, tablet, throughout your event for your gallery. Attendee will come to your gallery and they will interact with pre-planned items which will be available.

In the gallery you need to provide attractive demos, videos, pictures and detail about your company, services which you are offering, also prize winners details etc. Attendee be confident about your company. This is a great step to boost up and engage the audience in your event.

Event app

You need to must use the mobile app for event. Which will very helpful for attendees to find the event location, details about your company, event organizers, and the activities which will perform in your event. Through the Mobile app of event attendee could connect and engage with each other. During the event you could send the notification to your attendees which will keep them active and engage.