Emergency Tooth Extraction San Diego

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I hope this piece will help you to get your wisdom teeth or any other teeth removed and it`ll also help in considering the procedures. 

Today I’m going to talk about my wisdom tooth experience.

In the middle night, I wake up due to little toothache. I`ve been experiencing the past few weeks in no longer little anymore.   

I took my antibiotics, anti-swelling, and painkiller. The bearable pain set in after a couple of hours and I was feeling good to the rest of the night. 

I woke up in the next morning feeling numb; it was just numbness and not of pain.  I had porridge the whole day just to be on the safe side the whole day.

In the evening, the pain starts again. The pain is so severe at that time that I can practically hear it throbbing. This throbbing toothache swells my gums and mouth. I also had a fever, earache and pain on opening my mouth wide. After taking a quick look at it in a mirror, I thought about the extraction of teeth.

I'm sure many of you are scared of having your tooth extraction because of the pain, gum swelling and bleeding for a couple of days or even a week.

So, was I!

When I asked my friends about the removal of the tooth, most of their reactions were “oh my God! It`s going to be painful—scary” you would not be able to eat anything except porridge. 

They also tell me some horror stories about people having intolerable pain, being swollen for days or weeks, and having to take up to a month to recover!  And recommend me some home remedies to avoid tooth extraction. 

So, I postponed my plan and started following the home remedies. I rinsed my mouth with salt water and applied garlic clove paste in the affected area. This provides me with little comfort but only for a few days.

So, I bit the bullet and made an appointment at Orange Dental San Diego office. The day of my emergency tooth extraction appointment, I was feeling nervous but ready to go. The surprise came when I had to sign a waiver. 

There was a list of possible problems that could occur due to my tooth extraction such as a dry socket, imperfect jaw mobility, and more.   

I asked my dentist about that and lot of questions that popped up in my mind, and he consoled me and said these were not likely, but the real reason I needed to sign the waiver was due to another cause for concern.

My treatment was done in well-equipped room. My dentist numbs my mouth by injecting an anesthetic in my mouth. I felt the spread of numbing agent in my mouth, and I lost feeling in my mouth. 

Most of the time when I was in that chair I felt sleepy. Honestly, there is not much to say about the actual procedure because I could not feel anything. Even I could not feel cutting and tugging that occurred in my mouth when it was over. I felt lightheaded, and assistant helped walk me out. My mother was there to help me. 

My dentist sent me home with few strips of gauze placed on my bloody socket and also give me instructions about how to clean my mouth and what to look out for if I’m not healing correctly.

According to instructions, I only needed gauze after 30 minutes to one hour to stop bleeding. But I found myself needed it after 3 hours. On the second day, numbing was gone, and my gum was bleeding much less. 

But I still had to be careful when eating and rinsing my mouth. By day three there was less of the problem, and I felt that I could handle jaw movement without pain. 

 After the weekend I could pretty much eat anything I wanted. In this whole situation, most frustrated part was just being unable to lean over for a solid week because it made my head hot and heavy.

Let me make my long story short. My experience was not as bad as others claimed to be, can`t talk and eat for a few days and in constant pain.

Dr. Vinh prescribed me three medication a high ibuprofen dose for pain, a steroid to bring down the swelling and antibiotics to reduce the cause of infection. I got my stitch removed after ten days of my tooth extraction San Diego. I must say I have been in the right hand of experienced San Diego, dentist Dr. Vinh Tran.

If you are looking for a dental clinic for wisdom tooth or any teeth extraction, then I recommend Orange Family dentistry. They also offer many other services in is San Diego office like teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, laser gum therapy and other cosmetic and restorative services. 

Their Clinic is located at 4205 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, CA 92105, USA
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