Get your ride interesting with the launch of exclusive TATA HARRIER

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TATA company is  well known ad reputed company working from many years  and  launch different vehicles every year. The  launch of TATA HARRIER in the market led TATA company to next level . This car with its mesmerizing features  and specifications is launching is grabbing the heart of people and has attracted  people. Let us know more about TATA HARRIER price and  features  in detail which is mentioned below.

Tata Harrier Price - When it comes to TATA HARRIER price in India; then it is available with the price range of 16lakhs. Although, TATA HARRIER price can vary with the different models. Therefore, the price can go up to 22lakhs.

 Features of TATA HARRIER

Interior features -The TATA HARRIER interiors are the   best and unique. Therefore, the car is equipped with the awesome audio systems and premium 10 speaker system for entertainment. The car is also equipped with monotone interiors along with the LED fittings that add charm to this car. The seats of  carare adjustable and is having air bags attached on each seat to provide safety to the passengers. The larger dashboard in front of the car makes space for keeping the things.


TATA HARRIER comes with a powerful engine that is powered by 170 hp 2.0litreengine   for seven - seater  and 140 hp 1.0 litre engine for five - seatermodel. The  engine is having various drive modes connected with ESP Terrain Response modes.

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 TATA HARRIERoffers you with  awesomemileage  that is 11 - 15 km/l  in case of petrol and 13- 18 km/l  in case of  diesel variant.

Automatic features of TATA HARRIER

TATA HARRIER is launched with latest and updated technology, as this car is equipped with a  autonomous features like  Touch screen system with the reverse camera  and smart key entry.  Along with this  the car is having Sun roof , AC Vents, Rain Sensing Wipers,  air bags, Folded seats  and many other features that making this car one of the best car etc.

There are many types of cars launched every year. Therefore the above given TATA HARRIER is one of the latest launched by TATA Company. If you are looking to buy new car then can opt for TATA HARRIER which is one of the interesting car  of the year.


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  2. It is unexpected to see the Tata harrier with the features, look and specifications of range Rover. I am happy to get such a car as of 20lac, because I am using this vehicle of top-end Tata harrier XZ. The tata harrier mileage is good enough.