Tips to help you when a car accident occurs

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If you are experiencing a car accident, do not worry being one to face the consequences. There are millions of cases reported in the police about car accident. Most of the accident results in property damage. Despite of the minor car accidents, it is hard to remember what the procedures are that we need to carry out. Traffic accidents are chaotic, stressful and scary even though no one is injured. Minor accidents can happen anywhere despite of the place. It may take place in a parking lot, driveway, side street or freeway rush in traffic hours. Few things to consider when you are involved in fender bender are


What to do when you get in a car accident? If you met with any kind of accident, you should not runaway. Stop the car and get out from the car to have a look. If it is minor, you need not have to keep car at the same place and leave. Immediately after the accident, check for a way to get out safely. Also check if the moving makes any kind of damage to the place or other vehicles. If you hit and run without stopping, then you may have to face many hazards that results in severe penalty.

Inform police

After you settle down with moving car to a corner, immediately you should inform police. Once you report the incident to police, you can get the papers to handle insurance coverage. So it is mandatory to report police even if there is no injury.

Gather evidence

After informing the incident to police, do not wait any longer wondering about what to do when you get in a minor car accident. Instead of waiting for police arrival start gathering evidence with pictures. Document the damages and injuries from your side as well as the other party. It is important to take few snaps of the location to witness the place and people around.

Exchange information

After gathering evidence, you have to exchange information with other driver. Information that can be shared is

Insurance card
Driver license
Vehicle registration
Phone number
Date of birth
License plate number
Make, model and manufacture details of car
Eyewitness contact information

Also note down police officer information once he arrives to the spot. Once the police officer makes the accident report, you should request for a copy. It will be helpful when you have to file a claim.

Don’t get deep into the conversation

Apart from information exchange, do not talk anything with the other driver. Once when the police arrive, stay true and stick to the actual fact.

Inform you insurance provider

After police reporting, call your insurance and start reporting about the accident.