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The benefits to a long distance relationship (LDR)

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Finding a partner with whom you have both chemistry and compatibility is very hard. No wonder so many people are still searching unsuccessfully for partners. However, the internet has made it easier for people to meet and connect with each other. More and more people are finding themselves in distance relationships either because they met online or one of them had to move. But the distance doesn’t seem to be a problem for some people since they can communicate whenever they want.

If you are wondering why on earth people work hard to ensure their LDRs work, here are a few benefits of long distance relationships.

1. Long distance relationships teach you to be independent

Most people that are unhappy in their relationships feel that they are unable to be themselves due to their relationships. This means that they have to conform to the image they think their partners would want in them and normally avoid doing things that could make their partners uncomfortable. Also, many partners cannot help relying on their partners for basic activities that they would have otherwise done themselves.

Being in a long distance relationship allows your unique self to shine when your spouse is away. Given that most of the time you are away from your partner, you also continue to enjoy the independence that many couples lose when they start living together.

2. Long distance relationships that lead to marriage reduce divorce risks

Most marriages that end early are a victim of incompatibility and trust issues.

However, if your relationship is able to survive the hardships of being miles apart, then there is a high chance that both of you are committed to the success of the relationship.

While many relationships can survive when only one member is doing all the trying, the intimacy of a long distance relationship dies very quickly when the relationship is neglected by either or both of the partners. This means that if your LDR lasts long enough for you to get married, both of you are ready to work towards the success of your marriage and may overcome most divorce-causing marital problems.

3. Couples learn to connect beyond physical intimacy

When partners live together or have the ability to meet whenever they want, there is a very high chance that their relationship is driven by their passion, and may soon lead to a ‘friends with benefits’ type of relationship. However, it is impossible to engage in such kind of a physical relationship when you are apart. This means that many people who stay in a long distance relationship do so because they have already moved past the physical desire and crave something more.

4. Couples learn to appreciate each other’s presence

When you live together with your partner, time spent together quickly becomes cliché as you start getting used to it. You can stop valuing your time together since you can always spend time together whenever you want. This slowly leads to neglect, which is the first step towards a failed relationship.

A long-distance relationship teaches you to value each minute you spend together. Since you have so little time together, you start valuing your partner’s company. This benefit of a long distance relationship is rarely enjoyed by people who have lived together for a long time and have gotten used to each other’s presence. They may find it harder to value each other’s presence in the long run.

5. They teach partners how to communicate effectively

Most couples suffer from relationship issues due to poor communication. Being unable to communicate your wants and desires to your partner can lead to unmet needs that could ruin your relationship after some time.

When you cannot meet a person for many days or months, you have to learn to communicate with them effectively for the relationship to last. As the relationship grows, people start learning what works and what doesn’t in their communication using phone calls, chatting or video conversations. These communications skills are of vital importance to improving your personal communication skills and can make your relationship healthier.