What is The Worst Thing to Happen When Your Computer Falls Down?

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The laptop is a sophisticated device. In addition to the obvious components, such as displays, keyboards or optical devices, there are more important ones in it. It's rare that you can drop your laptop and go without serious damage. Although damage is not immediately apparent, this article by the most likely outcome.

In case the laptop fell on the side or edge, the probability that the cracks are immediately visible is very high. If you see cracks, this indicates that the laptop is likely to fall at a higher altitude, and in that case, there may be some of the components inside the notebook also suffered some damage. If the laptop is turned on or in hibernation mode, then it's quite likely that the hard drive is under the question mark. What does that actually mean? In the days (sometimes months) that follow, whenever you turn on your laptop, your operating system is running for a long time, or everything is working normally, but it always blocks it in the same place. These are all signs of damage to the hard drive.

Damage, first of all, to the medium that now has the importance of the number of bad sectors, sometimes the entire area from which access is almost impossible. In these cases, you will definitely need a new hard drive and a complete system installation. This may not be a good time for selecting SSD media, of course, in case the other damage is not significant. It should be said here that bad sectors can also occur as a consequence of the dissipation of graphite dust, which is again due to the fall of the disk's head.

If the laptop was turned off, then the hard drive is likely to be fine, however, if the stroke was strong, the result is a drop from a higher height, or it has fallen quite a bit at a certain angle (it again depends on the model to the model), there is a possibility that heads landed from the ramp in the parking zone and now lie on the surface of the disc. Only a small number of people will not try to turn on the laptop before thinking about how important the data is to it. Thus, discs that arrive after several failed, "half-successful" and "successful" launches are significantly damaged. Damage involves scratches (almost complete loss of data), damage to one or more heads and damage to the spindle motor (a motor that rotates the disc brakes). It is in the damaged heads that the story is hidden from a while.

Namely, the damaged heads, again depending on the circumstances, can stop working and maintain their aerodynamic characteristics; lose both; Continue to work and lose aerodynamics.
Aerodynamic deformations are a very serious problem, both due to the height at which heads fly and the new angle under which flights. These things can lead to the head covering the surface of the plait which in 99% of cases leads to permanent loss of data!
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