Which are the Best Big Data Certifications out there?

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Big data is becoming bigger every second of the day and when it comes to data, literally, each second counts. It has been anticipated that by the year 2020, every person shall produce around 1.7 MB every second. As a consequence, there shall be 44 trillion GB of data in total, as per a report by IDC. So, how will this data be generated?

Thanks to advancement in technology and the overenthusiastic public, data is now everywhere. There are forty thousand Google searches made each second. Approximately thirty million posts on Facebook along with three million videos are created every minute by countless individuals who are busy spreading around information through their mobile phones and a bunch of other IoT devices.

As a result of this data explosion, there is a myriad of organizations that are planning to optimize it and add value to their businesses. During this data flood, companies have found the opportunity to extract useful information that is helpful in identifying mushrooming trends in the market, constructing better strategies, comprehending the bigger picture of the business and coming up with more practical solutions to diverse problems.

Therefore, there is a wide scope for professionals possessing skills in big data and data science. Anyone who is well-versed with subjects like data analytics, machine learning, AI and data mining are moving close to the most lucrative phase of their career. Today, the job market is ruled by tech experts who own an amalgamation of skills related to these topics and can assist businesses in fetching higher revenues.

How to become a Big Data Expert?

Becoming a big data professional is certainly not like taking a walk in the park. It takes a great amount of effort and time to prove yourself worthy enough for this field. In today’s time, acquiring a certification is considered to be the best way to become a specialist in the big data sphere.
However, one must not rush into choosing a certification as there is a plethora of educational institutes, certification vendors and industry vendors that are offering big data certifications worldwide. That being the case, a person must make full-fledged research and seek certification that goes perfectly well with their needs and profile.

There isn’t just one theme under big data that one can attain mastery over. There is a multitude of specialties (like Hadoop, data science, analytics, business intelligence, big data storage, and so on) within this sector that one needs to choose from. Thus, you have to be careful while analyzing the pros and cons of selecting a certification. It is advisable to go for the one which precisely matches your requirements and preferences.

Which are the Best Big Data Certifications?

1.  Certificate in Analytics: Optimizing Big Data

Presented by the University of Delaware, the Certificate in Analytics: Optimizing Big Data is a reputed credential in the big data realm. It encircles topics like the evaluation of data variability, modeling along with graphical data analysis. Earning this certification is considered as a sign of achievement, hence, it is beneficial for a person who desires to become a successful big data professional to acquire CPADS.

2.  Senior Big Data Analyst

Powered by Data Science Council of America (DASCA), Senior Big Data Analyst is a golden ticket to the big data world. Fabricated for market researchers and business analysts, SBDA is a renowned vendor-neutral certification that has been shaped to prepare professionals for managing the challenging work of the big data domain. It acts as a catalyst for speeding up the career growth of rising big data professionals.

3.  Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences

This is a first-grade certification program that has been designed by Columbia University. CPADS has been introduced for beginners in the data science field who are seeking foundational knowledge of the subject. If you wish to pursue this credential, it would be great for you to gain some basic skills in computer programming, linear algebra along with calculus.

4.  Certified Analytics Professional

This certification would be an appropriate choice for you if you are not searching for a vendor-specific credential. This program does not tie you up to a particular analytics platform and infuses a multitude of disparate skills like building models, solving analytical problems, implementing analytics in an enterprise, and so on.