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In a world of digitalisation and modernisation, all of our actions are governed by technology. 9apps is a new age application platform that caters to the needs of a broad audience while delivering an exceptional user experience. It was founded by the Alibaba Group of Company in 1999.It acts as a splendid alternative to the Google Play store; housing a variety of apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers, to name a few. 

The 9apps appstore has been freed of all virus and malware and provides a safe and secure interface, thereby preventing any kind of virus from affecting the user’s mobile phone. The user’s convenience is placed at top priority. The large number of apps, games, wallpapers, are categorised sequence wise making it extremely easy to navigate and highly accessible. On top of all the said pros, 9pps is a free to download appstore which acts as an icing on the cake. One can opt for 9apps free download and enjoy the phenomenal experience.

How to download and install 9pps for free?

Downloading and installing 9apps on one’s mobile phone is extremely easy. The steps to which are:

·         On your browser, most preferably Google, search for 9apps in the search box.
·         Several results would show on the search results page. Select the 9apps official site.
·         A page will appear in the 9 apps official pagewith the option to download the application. Click on download option to initiate the process.
·         When the application has been downloaded, the user is supposed to install it in their devices.
·         The application has been downloaded and installed with the utmost ease. The users can now enjoy the incredible user experience.

How to use the application?

The appstore has a huge collection of themes, wallpapers, games, apps and ringtones. The desired app, game or themes can be searched by typing in the search box, which would present the results in that specific category.Various categories are tools, entertainment, browser, sports, dating apps, games, and social media applications, among others. The users have to bear the fact that 9apps doesn’t allow to install apps directly; rather, it enables the users to install the apps by providing apk files for download.

Is the downloading process easy?

The downloading process is extremely simple and users can easily download and install the apps they desire. The pages of downloading are easily navigable sporting interesting designs. An app when selected to download takes the users to a downloading page, at the top of which the app icon, its score and its file size can be spotted.
This is followed by a description of the app on the main downloading page and the option to download the app.  Simply clicking on the download button would easily download and install the app on the user’s device. Unlike Google play store 9apps also provides the function of pausing download of one app and resuming download of another. This option is greatly useful and helps users to prioritise their needs.
9apps is a great alternative to Google Play store. It houses a huge number of apps and provides incredible consumer experience.

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