Complete guide to buying a used car

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uying a used car can result in a real headache for those who do it for the first time and do not consider all the aspects that should be taken into account. Know what car we need, find a good offer, check the mechanics of the vehicle and even the legal conditions of the car; they are just some examples of the long road that awaits us.

To start I can tell you that there are three central points in what you should set: that the car is working properly, the price is commensurate with the vehicle and that there are no reports of theft. In this article, we will take you to step by step, all the way to buying a used car

There is a false belief that, by passing a magnet through the sheet,

 We will detect areas where the paste has been used since the magnet will stick to the metal and not to the filling product. This is totally false because even with paste the metal will stick, it would have to be a major blow and normally those are very evident,

Check that the car is not out of square.

 Check the spaces between each side of the fascia and the fender. When these are different, it is unequivocal proof that the car has a repaired blow, which possibly unbalanced (even if only a little) the soul and was straightened out. Also do not forget to check under the fenders and verify that there are no wrinkles in the frames, the points of attachment of the shock absorbers and the suspension. used car news can be hire to buy car easily.

In vehicles older than 10 years corrosion is a factor to consider.

In these cars, the rubbers of the frames of the doors, trunk, and glass begin to crack, allowing the passage of water and lodging inside the body. Check the bottom of the stirrups and door poles, under the carpet in the trunk, and that the areas near the engine drain do not show any oxidation points. Normally if the drain is covered, the liquid will seep into the cabin, from the area closest to the pedals. The changes of tonality in the carpet in this area, or the hardening of it, can reveal this problem. Find used car dealer near me to make things easy.

The mechanical revision should never be missing;

 But even without being experts we can detect problems in the following way. When you start a car in the morning, it will issue steam through the exhaust in a normal way; however, the gases from the exhaust when the car is already hot are not a good sign. The white smoke when the car is hot and running, we indicate that it is necessary to change seals and packaging or until the replacement of the rings of the engine. The black smoke is indicative that the vehicle is badly burning gasoline due to lack of tuning, or sensors and injectors plugged, while the blue smoke, the worst of all, indicates that the engine must be lowered to rectify it.

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