Minecraft: Craziest Things You Could Do in The Game!

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Minecraft is a survival game that was released in 2009. It was just a mere bare-bones project that quickly turned into a multi-million dollar game that produced into toys, books, and films. Even the players also became a millionaire because of the game, they use YouTube as a platform to showcase their expertise in the game.

The player uses any materials they gathered in order to produce another structure such as shelter, swords, armor, and etc. Most of the players are just going around the building houses, killing mobs, and do scavengers hunt. For advanced players, there are secrets, other dimensions in the game they need to find.

Along with this article, it’ll tell few craziest things you never knew you could do in the game. But before that, you must first download minecraft free in your PC. If the game is already installed, then let’s continue by scrolling down this article.

1.  You Can Become Invisible to Endermen

Endermen are one of the strongest mobs in the game. Actually, they are peaceful not unless a player attacks them or look them in the eyes. When that happens, they completely rage into a charcoal terminators that kill the player.

The secret is, you can wear a pumpkin and be invisible to the purple-eyed-demon! However, you’ll have a restricted view since the eyehole in the pumpkin is small. Nevertheless, you can stare at Endermen 24/7 without getting an attack.

2. Use a Boat to Walk Through Walls

A player can left-click on the boat to make a ride in it, then left-shift to make an exit. It’s actually pretty useful for making a quick escape during a PVP (player-vs.-player) matches. But be careful, the boat will only work in one direction. And once you’re through the wall, you can’t use it again to go back. Try at your own risk! 

3. Milky Mooshroom for Mushroom Soup

Mooshroom can only be found on the mushroom island. An oasis which fungus typically found at sea and covered with mushrooms as big as trees. Since it was hidden, few players only knew this place.
Unlike the normal cow in the game, Mooshroom can be milked but it’s a little bit trickier. Instead of the usual glass bottle, a player must use a wooden bowl. Instead of milk, delicious and yummy mushroom soup is the result of milking a Mooshroom.

4. You Can Trap a Player Using Ice and Soul Sand

One of the easiest ways to trap your enemies is using ice and soul sand. You can find the ice in the snow and find water near it. For soul sand, you need to construct portals to get these materials.

When a player walks over the soul sand, they’ll walk the slowest. But some players don’t know that they can use ice and Soul Sand as a combo. The effect will reduce almost 90% of the player’s speed and a snail-like creep walking and fighting helplessly.

Haven’t tried it yet? Check out the game and Click This Link for more detailed instruction. Have fun!