Safety Guide: Avoid Getting Drunk while Drinking All Night

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When all of your friends are having a good time drinking, it can be very difficult for you to know how much you want to drink. This might come as a very dangerous instance without you even noticing it, it can lead to a car crash or getting caught drink driving.

Here are effective tips to help you enjoy a few drinks without being extremely wasted.

Know and Set your limits

It pays to have a limit before you even start drinking. Know what your limit is and then plan the rest of your drinking session, how many drinks will you be taking tonight and stick to that number. Everyone’s alcohol tolerance differs from each other, so choose a number that works best for you, do not compare yourself with your other friends who have a higher tolerance for alcohol.  Consider also the budget you have going into the drinking session, sometimes drinks can be costly. Before you head out, check your money and make a smart decision about how much money you’re planning to spend drinking.

Avoid drinking too quickly

Drinking alcohol quickly makes it harder for you to know how it is affecting you. One way to do it is by swapping in water or a juice drink from time to time and in between the drinks. It also helps when you drink it slowly.

Avoid drinking rounds

Buying your friends a drink is always a kind gesture, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, when you are in a large group, buying them all drinks can quickly turn into a heavy, expensive drinking session. It also helps in avoiding shots, which is likely to get you drunk quick.

Nothing’s wrong when you say no.

The best way to sober up is to say no when you’ve had enough. Saying no when someone offers to buy a drink can save your life, and you might not recognize it by now. There are tons of consequences when you’re drunk, especially if your drunk drive. You can have your license suspended up to a period of 5 years, depending on the circumstance. If this happens always make sure to consult a drink drive solicitor for assistance.

Drink that water, eat that meal

Water can never go wrong when you’re drinking. For every alcoholic drink, make sure o sip a glass of water or a soft drink now and then. Don’t feel any pressure of explaining to your friends that it’s not alcoholic. It also pays to have a good meal before drinking, this will help absorb the alcohol in your body quick.

Focus on important things

If you’re drinking in a bar, try joining other activities while some of your mates are drinking. Play other things like playing pool, cricket, domino or darts. This will help you get off the drinking table once in a while allowing you to have an alcohol break, you never know when you might need one. Drinking while you have a problem, or in a bad mood won’t help either, it will not fix any of your problems. You should try doing something else that is relaxing, like talking to someone about any topic that interests both of you.

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