The No-frills Guide to Extending Battery Life for Solar Storage

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Power charges are expensive these days that if you are not mindful of your usage, it could break the bank. The good news is that there is a more sustainable alternative – solar energy. Powering your home with solar energy will not only allow you to save but also help the environment in the long run.

Solar energy setup used to be expensive and with the addition of solar batteries, the cost could rise. However, the prices of batteries for solar storage dropped significantly making this addition to the solar energy setup more affordable. With this, more and more homeowners are making the big switch.

A solar battery is an important component because it acts as a storage device. It is helpful at nighttime or on gloomy days when solar panels are not generating enough electricity. Knowing this, it is crucial that you properly maintain your batteries to extend its life. To make the most of your solar battery, here’s a guide to extending its life:

Regulate the number of batteries

You have to regulate the number of batteries in the bank – preferably 16 or less. Keep in mind that the more batteries you use, the more connections it needs and with every connection, the resistance increases. This increased resistance will lead to uneven charging.

Think about rotating your batteries

Having a large bank of batteries need periodic rotation. You should be aware that batteries in the middle of the bank might not receive a good charge compared to the batteries on the outside. By rotating the batteries, you help to balance the charge.

Utilise large interconnect cables

It was mentioned earlier that the more batteries you use, the more connections it needs and with every connection, the resistance increases. This scenario can lead to uneven charging.

To reduce the resistance and encourage even charging, you should utilize large interconnect cables. Experts recommend that you use a 4/0 size cable for a 12V and 24V system. If you have a 48V system, you need to consider a 2/0 size cable.

Check fluid level

If you have flooded lead-acid batteries, you should make it a habit to check the fluid level. To check, you only need to open the battery cap and look inside. Ideally, no metal surfaces should be visible.

If you see metal surfaces, fill up to the line with distilled water. In line with this, you should not use other electrolytes or battery additives. Use distilled water to be safe because other additives may cause more harm than good to the batteries.

Think about battery equalization

Equalization describes regulated overcharging process of solar batteries. Bear in mind that unequal charging will lead to sulphation of the plate. Overcharging helps by getting rid of the sulphation through gassing.

Final thoughts

Your goal here is to ensure proper care and maintenance to extend battery performance and life. It is recommended that you follow the manufacturer label or instruction to be successful. When in doubt, do not hesitate to ask the experts.