How These Women Solo Travel Bloggers In India Can Inspire You

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Solo female traveler - there was a time when these three words collectively, would sound daunting to most people. But times are changing. There are ample examples of women travelers in India today who are following their passion for travel blogging.

The domestic travel insurance industry has also come up with several travel insurance plans for the protection of single travelers. Here are four solo female travel bloggers who gave quit their 9 to 5 desk jobs to pursue their passion for traveling. These are strong headed, independent, and self-driven individuals who have set milestones by going beyond the societal norms.

1.      Mridula Dwivedi

Mridula Dwivedi is one of the most experienced solo female travelers and bloggers in the country. She has been traveling all across the globe for 18 years now. A PhD from IIT, Kanpur, Dwivedi was a professor until 2016, when she left her job to take forward traveling both as passion and profession.

Dwivedi had an inclination for traveling much before she quit her job to travel full time. In 2005, she started a blog called Travel Tales from India and Abroad, which has found mention in BBC and The Guardian. In all these years of traveling, Dwivedi has been to 26 countries till now and aims to visit more.

2.      Ankita Sinha

A high-spirited individual, Ankita Sinha is not only a travel blogger but also has an interest in adventure sports and fashion. She started her career as an IT engineer but eventually decided to leave her stable job and went on to become a well-known traveler.

Currently, 18 countries have made it to her travel list. In 2014, she was awarded the GCC Best Travel Writer. Her blog Anki On The Move which is filled with her travel stories has been featured in The Hindu, Fox Traveller, Outlook Traveller, Hindustan Times, Elle, Huffington Post, and Canada Tourism among others.

3.      Charukesi Ramadurai

As a solo female traveler, Charukesi has successfully managed to carve a space for herself in the field of traveling and blogging. By profession, Charukesi is a writer and is exceptionally good at it. Her writings have been published in reputed publications like The Guardian, Forbes, BBC Travel, CNN Travel, The New York Times, The Economist, The Hindu, and National Geographic Traveller.

Charukesi started traveling at the age of 26 and currently, has traveled to over 46 countries. Her blog Itchy Feet features her travel experiences. Charukesi has also co-authored a book on freelance journalism called Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Journalism.

4.      Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath’s journey from a corporate employee to a solo female traveler is phenomenal. Nath, who is from a small town grew up in a very protective environment. After her schooling, Shivya went to Singapore for graduation after which she landed a job at the Singapore Tourism Board.

At Singapore Tourism Board, she got significant insights about traveling following which at the age of 23 she quit her job and started to travel full time. Her travel blog The Shooting Star details her extraordinary travel experiences - like, co-living with a Mayan community in Guatemala and swimming with the sharks in Malaysian coast among others.

These solo female travelers are inspiration for us as they have taken some hard decisions to pursue traveling.
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