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Quick Overwatch Game Boosting Services

If you love playing games, then you realize how difficult it can be to complete specific levels and tasks in the game. This might spoil your experience and you might leave the game when you get stuck on a certain level. 

If you wish to avoid such issues and improve your gaming, then you can take the help of boosting services. By taking the help of experts you can get boosting services for an online game like overwatch. You can increase the level of your player and unlock some new characters in the game by reaching specific levels orcompleting specific objectives. So here are some of the services that you can enjoy by taking the help of experts for the game boosting services.

Boosting services done by experts

All the boosting work will be done by an expert so that you can enjoy convenient results. The game boosting is done by an expert as they will use specific methods and tricks in the game so that you can achieve higher ranks and get more kills from every game. This will definitely help in improving your player profile to ensure that you look like a professional.

Fast and efficient results for boosting

You can get fast and efficient services from expert boosting so that you can enjoy the best results. As you already know that it can take some time for you to get a higher rank in the game. By taking the help of experts you can surely see the difference in the gaming services. This will definitely provide you much better results and ensure that you enjoy playing the game.

Select from different types of overwatch boost

You can find a wide range of services offered by the experts for the overwatch boost. So if you wish to achieve a higher rank in the game, then you should consider trying out different types of services for the game boosting. This way you can improve your gaming profile and enjoy playing the game. The experts will help you to unlock specific characters orpower up a hero in the game so that you can enjoy playing with it.

So you can get expert boosting and enjoy playing the game at higher levels. As you already know that when you reach a higher tier, then the game becomes more interesting as you will play along with stronger players. This will definitely help in providing you better results and ensure that you enjoy a great time.

Top Portable Air Conditioners to Buy in 2020

Have you heard of the portable air conditioner in India? It is an AC variant that is slowly being taken up by users because of the convenience and performance that it offers. Let’s get to explore a bit about the concept, its benefits and best portable AC models that you can bring home this summer in 2020. Continue reading!

What is a portable AC?

A portable air conditioner is the newest breed of LG AC and other brands that you can easily install and make to work as per your convenience. It is a self-contained portable model, which is ideal and effective for cooling single rooms. 

They can sit on your floor and are provided with an installation kit that is easier to unpack. Most portable AC comes with wheel support so that you can adjust it and move around as per your needs. You can also move it from one room to another, just like an air cooler. With time, a portable AC system is sure to emerge as a nice alternative to window air conditioners.

What are the benefits of the portable AC system?

Other than being portable and made to work around as per your needs, a portable AC also comes with a host of other benefits. Have a look:

1)      No restrictions

Many buildings may not allow you to have a window AC system. Hence, portable air conditioners are an amazing alternative as they don’t need to be fitted from outside. What’s more, being portable, they can also be taken from one room to another as per your needs.

2)      Fits in a small space 

A portable AC does not look like a large appliance like a split AC and fits the bill if you live in a small space and want to beat the heat during the summer of 2020. Many people live in a one-room apartment and don’t install a proper AC due to space issues. Not any more, with a portable AC in action, you can fit it in a small space and stay cool. 

3)      Reduces costs and keeps you cool

Portable air conditioners are amazing to not only cool your room fast but even lets you save massive on the monthly electricity bill. Yes, they are great alternatives to central air conditioning, which may hurt your wallets as they need to work hard to keep the space cool 

What are the best portable AC models to buy in 2020?

1)      Koryo 1.2 Ton Portable AC

      Capacity – 1 ton
      Power consumption – 980 W
      Copper condenser coil for best-in-class and energy efficient performance
      Auto restart facility

The price of this portable Koryo AC is around Rs.29,700.

2)      Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

      Capacity – 1 ton
      Power consumption – 1403 W
      Copper condenser coil to keep you cool without bigger light bills
      Auto restart option
      Feather touch electronic panel

The cost of this portable Blue Star AC is around Rs.26,500 in India. The portable AC is slowly growing, and most of the known brands have kept themselves away from manufacturing it. With passing time, it is being believed that they will join the bandwagon.

A portable AC is surely an incredible innovation that must be appreciated as it helps people living on rent or in small space fulfil their wishes of keeping cool.

While looking to install an LG AC or any other brand, you should consider the area that you want to cool, electrical appliances in it, sunlight, occupants and other aspects. Once done, then only a portable AC or any other AC type will be able to provide you with efficient cooling performance without hassles.   

Comparison between major stock brokers in India

The stock market investment allows an individual investor to earn a great amount of profits over and above their invested amount. 

There are various types of securities like shares, derivatives, commodities, and currencies which are actively traded on the primary and secondary stock market. An individual, however, must procure the services of a stock broker who is responsible for providing assistance and support services for profitable stock market investment. Stock brokers are those individuals who help investors with the decision making process for investment in stock market securities. 

One must compare various types of brokers and their services to select the best broker in India. There are various types of brokers like full service and discount brokers which are distinguished based on their services and brokerage rates. 

Top 5 stock brokers and firms providing professional services to investors in India are listed below:


Being a whole owned subsidiary of Religare ltd, the broking company offers various services and brokerage plans for making stock market investment hassle-free and professional. The firm even provides both online and offline trading services which serve to be of great convenience for individual investors and companies. One can invest in Shares, currencies, and commodities using the online trading platform and services provided by the company. Maintenance charges payable to the firm for a trading account is low and zero in the first year.


One can avail of various services and facilities which the company provides with great skill and professionalism. Services like professional wealth management services, asset management, and related stock market investment assistance and other solutions. Certified personnel with skills and experience provide research-based assistance services to individual investors for making informed decisions related to investment in stock market securities. 

Ventura securities:

Being a full-time service providing Broking Company in India, Ventura securities offers various services that help individual investors in investment in various types of securities like shares, debentures, commodities, and currencies. Web-based support services along with professional customer care solutions help individual investors in the resolution of their queries. 

SBI securities:

The company provided broking services to individual investors and corporate bodies engaged in the investment business. Services like broking services, financial and asset management solutions are provided with complete efficiency by the company. The company provides web-based services and mobile-based application i.e. SBI smart trading app which allows investors to deal in securities like equities and derivatives using a convenient and hassle-free approach.

Wisdom Capital:

Being an online discount brokerage company in India, Wisdom Capital offers various types of stock market investment services which allow an individual to invest in various stock market securities like equities, currencies, and commodities traded on NSE and BSE. One can opt for the best brokerage plan. The company even offers a 999 plan which allows an individual to trade in unlimited securities for a lifetime without any further charges.

These are some of the best stock brokers in India. One must select the best broker in India by comparing various services and brokerage rates charged by brokers. The selection of a broker can be time-consuming but opting for the services of the best broker can help in getting the best services for stock market investment.


Having a pet dog is like having a precious friend or family member livening up your life with its unconditionally loving presence. To immortalize this bond, a canine photo session is an evergreen idea which can later also be turned into a pet oil painting. However, it may not be as easy a task as you might imagine it to be. Check out these 6 steps of getting a dog’s photo shoot done right and trouble-free.

Step 1: Bathe them into becoming their best version

You wouldn’t want your darling pet to be stinky and shabby looking as he or she prepares to pose. It affects their vibe and visual appeal adversely. Dogs are known to be investigative, outdoorsy and often messy. Getting dirty happens to them quite frequently. A photo session calls for a fresh looking pet more than almost any other occasion. Hence, make sure that you schedule a proper bath for them as per their personality and according to the date of the photo-shoot. 

For example, if yours is a calm or senior dog living a comparatively neat lifestyle, its cleanliness after good bath can be sustained for a few days. If, on the other hand, you own a naughty puppy or a hyper active dog, ensure a nice bath just a day before the photo session so that there is less time for him or her to get grimy all over again. A fresh looking canine with loose and soft hair, free from the debris and junk odor is definitely the camera worthy one.

Step 2: Up their game with a bit of grooming and styling

Along with a good bath, the physical grooming too is just as necessary for a photo to turn out good enough to be considered copied further as a pet oil painting. 

The professional photographer’s eyes behind the lens will require a picture perfect dog for the clicks. Therefore, depending on the particular dog breed that you own, get their grooming game right with a proper nail trim, hair trim, hair brushing, styling and teeth brushing. If you are already a pro at doing all this yourself, go for it.

 If not, go to a reliable pet salon to get that professional model look. If you are choosing the latter, avoid booking a salon appointment on the same day as that of the photo session. For the last touches, don’t forget to wipe the eyes, nose and ears of your pet dog before he or she takes the position in front of the camera.

Step 3: Rehearse a little

Next up is to condition your dog to become a camera friendly model in a quick pre-shoot mock drill. Brush up the commands that he or she already knows such as ‘sit’, ‘stop’, ‘stand’, ‘stay’, ‘fetch’, ‘come’, ‘lay down’ etc. 

You may also teach a few easy and quick new ones that will help them perform better. For example, a few cute pose commands that they can do by mimicking you. You may also go for role play beforehand where you become the photographer and do fake photo shoot of your dog. This will give your pet an idea about what to expect and how to go about it all on the actual day of the photo session.

Step 4: Choose between rest versus exercise

Depending again on the personality of the dogs, get them in their best mode by offering a day of relaxation or warming up exercises as per their natures and lifestyles. If your dog is a laid back kind of a canine, give it its type of restful time or personal space before the shoot so that it can get done with its ‘me-time’. 

If you have a very playful dog, get him or her in his or her element by giving a short play or fun exercise session just a few hours before the shoot. However, ensure that you don’t tire them out by overdoing it. You wouldn’t want an exhausted looking dog either in a photo or in a pet oil painting from the photo!

Step 5: Fuel up with a light meal

It is important neither to feed your dog fully before the photo shoot nor to keep him or her entirely starving. Give them a light meal with smaller potions instead. This will fill them up just proportionately to not to be cranky and yet interested enough in the treats you give them during the shoot to get the best behavior out of them. Great looking dog oil portraits made from such happy pictures are bound to look heartwarming.

Step 6: Carry a bag full of the dog’s essentials

Why just the dog, you too need to go a bit prepared for the pet’s photo shoot as an owner. Keep your bag ready with various and irresistible treats, colorful and attractive dog’s toys, a good quality collar and leash, water, waste bags, grooming brush and anything else that you think you will need to have for your dog during the shoot. Lots of love and support from you will come just as handy for your dear four legged friend.

What You Should Consider Before Buying a Secondhand Luxury Car

Everyone wishes to own a luxury car instead of always hiring one. However, due to the harsh economic times, most people opt for cheaper means. More often, used and furbished luxury cars are still way less expensive compared to a brand-new luxury car. Therefore, many people find themselves buying used luxury cars.
Here are the factors that you should consider before purchasing a used luxury.
High Maintenance Cost
The primary reason why most luxury cars are always very cheap is that they could be faulty. With the fact that the value of the model of the vehicle will depreciate after some time, the spare parts of the vehicle will increase in value as time goes by.
Therefore, you will find yourself spending more than the amount you would have paid to buy a new luxury. However, hiring Lambo from lamborghini rental atlanta you will find yourself saving a lot of cash. You won’t have to worry about the car breaking down since you will receive a well-maintained car for use.
High Fuel Consumption
Fuel is a vehicle’s primary energy source. A luxury car will use more fuel because they have bigger engines compare to regular vehicles. To your surprise, you will find out that used luxury cars use more fuel than new ones. This could be since used vehicles could have faulty engines as a result of poor tuning and rare maintenance, which reduces the engine’s efficiency. To solve this problem, you may be required to replace the whole engine or its components like the air cleaner or fuel filters. This could be very costly.
Breakdown of Some Parts
The best thing about purchasing a brand-new luxury vehicle is that you will find that all of the features of the vehicle are functional. Luxury cars are always fitted with a variety of unique features that ensure the comfort and security of the occupants. As time goes by, these features tend to slow down or seize function.These features are very costly to repair and maintain, so you may end up opting to stay with the faulty features rather than spending on their repairs.
High Insurance Cost
Most people think that insuring an old car is cheaper than a new one. However, this is not always the case.Used cars still need expensive replacement parts, making the insurance cost high. Furthermore, the insurance of a luxury car is always more compared to that of standard cars as it will cost more to repair it in case of a breakdown.
Buying a secondhand leisure car can be enticing.But before buying a used luxury car, you should ask yourself why those cars are cheaper compared to new ones. We can guarantee that after weighing those reasons, you will end up finding out that the used cars are not cheap. In this scenario, it is right to say that cheap is always more expensive.

How To Select an SDP Plan With Maximum Returns and Minimum Risk?

Return on investment (ROI) is a golden word in investing. We all are on the lookout for risk-free returns, the maximum returns with the least risk. Equity Investing has been found to be the most lucrative in the long time horizon of over ten years. However, it is possible to park an investment for 10 years only if one does not have any immediate use of the money. Equity investing is not for everyone.

Thus, choosing the safety and stability (minimum risk) along with the maximum returns is the focus for most investors. This is possible only with fixed-income instruments which work on a fixed interest rate principle.

Selecting an SDP with maximum returns

Systematic Deposit Plans are the latest savings tool designed to invest in the regular fixed deposit with even more ease and flexibility than before. An SDP allows your monthly savings to be deposited at the current prevailing interest rate and each deposit works like a new FD.

 These deposits start maturing one after the other once each of their tenors is over. Thus, an SDP is a great tool for both monthly income as well as long term corpus building.

Currently, the only and the highest return SDP is offered by Bajaj Finance which allows you to earn up to 8.35% on a five-year deposit if you are a senior citizen. Here’s how you can get the best benefits from SDP -

1)      Analyse your returns - Using the Systematic Deposit Calculator available on Bajaj Finserv website, you can understand how the returns are calculated and how you can meet your financial goals for a timeframe of 12 to 60 months. You need to select the number of deposits you can make and the amount you can afford to deposit every month. You can choose the number of deposits between 6 to 48 within this tenor. Upon entering these values, the Systematic Deposit Calculator will give you an exact estimate of the returns you will get and accordingly you can select the highest return SDP suitable for you.

2)      Maximum returns – You can use certain strategies to ensure you gain maximum returns from your SDP investment. You should ensure to lock-in your deposits when the rates are high. This will give you significantly higher returns than a bank FD. Also, ensure you invest to gain an additional 0.25% if you are a senior citizen and avail benefit of an additional 0.10% if you are an existing customer or a Bajaj employee.

3)      Ease of investing – You can easily invest in an SDP plan with minimum risk as the minimum amount required to start an SDP is Rs. 5,000 per month. So a newbie jobber or even a housewife with sufficient savings can take advantage of such a lucrative plan. All you need is your KYC documents, a cheque for the first deposit and a NACH mandate to ensure your debits are done on the monthly date as chosen by you.

SDP gives you the advantage of having a fixed income. Additionally, you are assured of minimum risks with the highest returns much more than bank FDs and almost at par with equities for a short-term horizon. Credit ratings of ICRA and CRISIL further ensure that your investment in Bajaj Finance SDP is bound to give you steady and safe returns.

Host The Wedding of Your Dreams With An Instant Personal Loan

Weddings are a personal milestone unlike any other, and hosting one in India or at an exotic location overseas can be a very expensive undertaking. In fact, a recent survey found that 20% of all the loans availed by young Indians in 2018-2019 were to finance wedding expenses. 

This is because celebrations are spread over several days and in some cases, go on for up to a week. So, to keep your savings intact, apply for a personal loan offered by a reputed lender is a sound decision.

This loan grants you the money you need in an expedited manner, ensuring that you don’t have to endure tiresome loan application procedures as you juggle wedding preparations. Further, borrowing options such as the wedding loan offer additional benefits along with ample funds.

For a deeper understanding of how an instant personal loan can come in handy when planning the wedding of your dreams, read on.

With a large sanction, there’s no need to compromise

Whether it is your dream to host an intimate wedding at a resort or a grand celebration at an exotic location overseas, having the necessary finance is key. This is especially true in the case of a destination wedding as you must account for the cost of travel, accommodation, transport and all other incidentals. Further, you may want to host your wedding during the peak wedding season and this generally means higher costs across the board.

In such cases, availing an instant Personal Loan from Bajaj Finserv can help you cover most, if not all, costs comfortably. Here, you get financing of up to Rs.25 lakh and you can use the funds to meet any requirement as this sum has no spending restraints.

Manage multiple expenses with speedy disbursal

Successfully hosting a wedding requires meticulous planning and this is where the services of a skilled wedding planner come into play. However, the services of one, as well as those of caterers, photographers, decorators, videographers, officiants and transportation crew require timely, ample financing. Thankfully, with Bajaj Finserv’s simple loan eligibility criteria you can qualify with ease, get approved within minutes and have the entire sanction disbursed to your account in under 24 hours.

Celebrate lavishly and enjoy affordable loan repayment terms

Even though a wedding can involve a range of expenditures, you may want to splurge on your big day. To ensure that you can celebrate without cutting corners, you can borrow freely via a marriage loan and make repayments over a flexible tenor spanning up to 60 months. This, in addition to competitive personal loan interest rates, makes repayment a hassle-free experience. In fact, you can draw a repayment schedule accurately by using a personal loan calculator. The tool forecasts your EMIs and net payment, helping you choose a tenor that aligns with your repayment abilities.

Cover wedding-related expenses efficiently with the Flexi Loan facility

The Flexi Loan facility is a special feature offered along with the Bajaj Finserv Marriage Loan, and it plays a very important role in managing wedding expenses on the go. 

This is because weddings come with impromptu and unexpected expenses, and having enough funding for all such costs is vital. With the Flexi Loan you get a sanction from which you can borrow periodically, without making new applications each time or paying any additional fees. Moreover, you are charged interest on the amount you withdraw only. You can also opt to pay interest-only EMIs for the first part of the tenor and reduce your monthly instalments by up to 45%.

Having understood how an ample sanction, swift disbursal, convenient repayment terms, and borrowing flexibility can ensure that your special day goes as planned, apply for this loan as soon as possible. You can also check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv to get an instant personal loan on customised terms. All you have to do is enter basic details to enjoy a hassle-free, speedy marriage loan approval.