Choosing The Right Wholesale Meat Supplier In Toronto

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If you are a meat eating then you are probably aware of not only the different types of meat which can be purchased and the range of flavours associated with different quality cuts.  Whether you are purchasing for your own needs or looking for a wholesale meat supplier in Toronto it is essential to locate a supplier who is professional and offers quality meat products.  You will then be able to eat the meat, or even sell it on your food stand with confidence.

There are some suppliers which stand out from the crowd; Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is one such firm.  Having been established since 1927 they have a vast amount of experience in delivering quality products.  There are several reasons why they will probably be your best choice for a wholesale meat supplier in Toronto:


The most important part of choosing any meat supplier is looking at the reputation it has accumulated since it has been doing business.  It is possible that you will know someone already using the service and they can recommend a particular firm.  If this is not the case you will find an array of reviews posted online, specifically on the social media sites.  These can provide a useful insight into the firm and its approach to customer service.  You will even be able to tell if there are an excessive number of negative comments.  Whilst every firm will have some negative comments; the way they handle these comments can tell you a lot about the service they really offer.


A good wholesale meat supplier will offer you a range of different products.  These will include sausages, cuts of premium meat and even burgers.  A firm does not need to have a wide range of different meats to make them a good choice.  Sometimes a smaller range is easier for them to manage and ensure they are all of good quality.  The quality of the product is paramount.


Cost will always play a part in the decision process.  This does not mean that you should go for the cheapest one or the most expensive.  You will need to evaluate the quality of the meat before you can agree if the cost is reasonable for what you are getting.  Quality meat is generally worth more and can be sold on by the wholesale meat supplier and by you at a higher price than lower quality cuts.  If you are running a food store your reputation will rely on the quality of the produce you are supplying to others.

Food safety

Finally, all good firms should have a clear policy regarding how the meat is handled.  It should be possible to see the processes in action as this will provide you with peace of mind that your sausages are not going to make anyone ill.  If they did, you could face all sorts of issues including the loss of your license to trade; this s probably not something you will want to happen.  Choose your wholesale meat supplier in Toronto carefully!