Importance of Consuming Meat and Milk from Naturally grown Livestock

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You might think about going green and going natural but when it comes to the food that you eat everyday maybe you will say it is difficult or if there such a thing as natural nowadays. The benefits of naturally grown livestock are indisputable which is why a lot of farmers are now into this production. Its benefits do not only cover the human beings but the environment as well.

Geoffrey Morell, a member of Weston A. Price Foundation values naturally grown livestock. He says that that his farm P.A. Bowen Farmstead; raises the livestock in the natural way, making them a better source of nutrients for the community. People can buy organic meat and dairy products from this farm at reasonable price rates. Experts say that poultry, livestock, and fish that are fed with natural diets are more nutritious and have less negative effect on the environment as well the people who are consuming them.
It has been found that the livestock that are raised on grain and processed foods are highly inefficient not only for human consumption but also the use of water, land, fossil fuels and minerals are driving the destruction of places, to grow soya specially to feed to cattle.

Why naturally grown livestock is better?

1.Cows and goats have complicated stomachs that have the distinctive ability to turn the fiber inside grass and other plants into produces that are beneficial to the humans, such as meat, milk etc.

2.Research shows animals fed on grassland are less anxious, live lengthier and are more fertile than those farmed intensively.

3.Foods from animals that are grass-fed are better for humans to consume than meat produced from grain-fed cattle.

 4.Pasture Farms normally have an optimistic carbon footprint which puts goodness back into soils instead of diminishing them. They also support wildlife.

 5.There is great possibility to produce more food from the country’s grassland, thus, reducing the need to import feeds from overseas.

Geoffrey’s P.A. Bowen Farmstead is known for having the most appropriate rotational grazing practices which has proven to be a very economical option for cattle-raising farmers. This ensures controllable growth. As the cows are fed, the grass is grown moderately, thus, leaving it free from undesirable elements such as other small animals and insects. As cows eat, they also produce fertilizer, which is very powerful manure. The prodigy of this is that it is built in as a manure management tool.

This is obviously a beneficial situation for both cattle as well as grass. Grass is handled well as it expanses evenly all through the pasture, and the farmer gets to enjoy a budding real estate that can provide accommodations for more cows. At P.A. Bowen Farmstead you can look for the following farm fresh products such as:

1.Pastured veal and beef

2.Pastured seasonal turkey

 3.Artisan raw milk cheeses

4.Pastured eggs and chicken 

Thus, consuming milk and meat from naturally grown livestock is definitely more beneficial.
Besides supporting naturally grown livestock Geoffrey Morell is a naturopathic physician with specialized experience in intuitive, magnetic and spiritual healing. At present he lives in the United States.