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Inverters – A Good Solution For Power Cuts

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What is an inverter?

When we plug an electrical appliance in our home, it uses the AC current. The electrical device work based on this current. Sometimes, an electronic appliance fails to work due to power fluctuations. An inverter is a device which is found to overcome this problem. An inverter is an electronic circuitry that changes DC – direct current to AC – alternating current. This device is used to provide the necessary charge or current to electronic appliances.  

In general, an inverter circuit needs a relatively stable DC power supply which is capable of providing sufficient current for the intentional power demands of the system. This input voltage is based on the design and purpose of the inverter. For example, a 5000 watt inverter charger of 12 Volt DC to 110 Volt AC can be used for smaller consumer and commercial purpose. 

What are the features of inverter charger?

Generally, a power star inverter charger contains the following features, 

An inverter device is directly attached to a battery supply. The range of this battery supply depends upon the inverter. That is a 5000 watt inverter is attached to a 12V DC battery supply. 

The inverter has the ability to power on high load devices. It is built with strongly reinforced panels on the interior. This panel allows an inverter to be used both in vehicles and home needs. 

Similarly, all type of inverters is built with best quality components and with high-grade resistors and transistors.

One important feature among all inverters is overload indicator. When the power supply is overloaded it will indicate this with a sound 


Stackable power inverter can be used for appliances such as,
·         Incandescent lightings
·         Televisions
·         Small household appliances such as Refrigerators, Freezers, Stereos etc
·         It can also be used for power tools such as drills and saws
·         Pumps
·         Kettles
·         Heaters
·         Microwaves
·         Large AC units etc 

Heavy duty inverters are also available in the market. These inverters are made with stand movement and usually used in mobile settings. In general, these heavy duty inverters are best suitable for mobile applications. Industrial grade power inverters are useful for industrial uses. 

Some inverters contains Automatic Transfer switch, which helps inverter to provide ultimate power supply
Users have to simply plug in the electrical device to the inverter. When the power supply of the house cuts, the battery power of inverter will transfer over automatically to the device